View Full Version : Map pool in Siege.

12-28-2017, 04:41 PM
What do you guys think of the current map pool? I personaly think its good but there can be made some BIG improvements. Do you guys remember Favela, Yacht, Hereford Base? Well I do and I think they should be in the ranked pool. They got removed because some players said the maps where "Unbalanced" at leats Favela and Yacht, but that ins't it, people wanted it to be removed because you played them to much. Not because they are / were unbalanced. Everytime when you wanted to play Siege you got in Favela or Yacht, today I played them with 10 friends ( custom 5vs5) and it was great!
But what do you guys think of the idea to add Favela, Yacht and mabey Hereford base back into the map pool?

12-28-2017, 07:03 PM
Bring them all back. None of them were that imbalanced IMO. Maybe with the elite players they were to imbalanced but for the regular guy, they were just fine. Even for elite players, how was Favela or Yacht or any of the removed maps for that matter, imbalanced? I don't play casual, too casual for me. So I really miss these maps, especially house.