View Full Version : POLL: Which One is Your Favorite Gamemode?

12-28-2017, 03:55 AM
My Favorite is Tribute. UBI done a very good job creating this gamemode. Technically this is Capture The Flag that we often saw in most FPS game. Why this mode is my favorite? Because out of all mode this is the one that has potential for competitive play. In this mode teamwork is the most important aspect, individual skill is second. The outcome of the match can be unpredictable. Even a team that has higher gear level isnt guaranteed to win. It can be a very fast match that only need less than 5 minutes to win and on other occasion a very long match where the team that is very dominant at the start can also lose in the end. Very dynamic.

I think for year 2 or FH 2 UBI should focus creating game mode like this one. A gamemode that can be used for competitive play and maybe in the future FH can be as big as Overwatch, hopefully :p. Because of the fundamental of the gameplay, duel is not viable for competitive play. Everyone will focus on safe approach which is turtling and the result will be a cagy, boring match. If UBI want FH to be massive then game mode which involve many players and teamwork is the one to pursue.

I also want to express my opinion for Deathmatch and Tournament Mode. Im sorry to say this but Deathmatch needs to go away. No one plays it anymore, at least thats what I saw on PS4, I dont know for other platform. Elimination is just another form of duel where it is 4vs4 Duel, Speed is everything, a player that can win their duel first can help their teammates and therefore raising the chances of winning highly plus the gear stats effect this mode greatly. Skirmish is the one I hate the most. Its a chaotic and mindless brawl.

Tournament on the other hand is a good way to measure your skill, but I think UBI execute this mode in a way that makes players to lazy to touch it. We have to wait very long in Duel tournament. It can spend almost 1 hour to finish this mode + around 10 minutes to wait for this mode to start. I think this should change. Why not make it like Street Fighter Ranked Match? Its simple and fast. Dominion Ranked..... Since this game mode was launched I havent found any match T______T... I like Dominion, its my 2nd favorite game mode and when I found out that in Dominion Ranked the Gear Stats is Off, it makes it even better. I think UBI needs to make weekly event + huge award for Dominion Ranked to attract players.

So whats your favorite and why?

12-28-2017, 04:44 AM
I personally prefer skirmish you can easily get into 1v1s 2v1 3v4 4v4 all the V's XD

01-02-2018, 10:12 AM
This is unexpected, only me voted for Tribute.

Anyone want to share your thought about what lacking in Tribute compared to other modes?

I saw a lot of Shaman related rant for this game mode.

01-02-2018, 10:52 AM
I think its because her feats are better for this mode.
In Dominion other feats are stronger like lb grenades.
I also think she is a strong ganker, but finally she is not a raider or an lb. She also hasnt got big dmg spikes like a zerker, so she cant profit of all this cc.