View Full Version : Lone wolf TH renow needs a change

12-27-2017, 03:46 AM
The game mode works fine & itís understandable to change how renown is earnt in this mode but it feels to punishing to earn such small amounts.
If the game goes long enough you are able fail and receive the same renown as completeling the mode which makes no sense.
The description reads (play as a lone wolf, for a greater challenge.) with no change to the difficulty, it also shows the same rewards as matchmaking. Itís feels punishing to play a quick game with no difficulty adjustments & reduced rewards.

A new way of attacking renown boosters would be greatly appreciated (I.e ďhaving a renown cap on a time limit and once the limit is reached the renown is halfed or having a set limit of matches played before you must return to a round of co-op or the renown will be halfed)
These such ways can limit boosters but still allow a casual player to have a quick couple of games without being disturbed by a toxic player or feel punished for playing on their own.