View Full Version : Remove armour ACEC

12-26-2017, 03:14 AM
Please, oh please would Ubisoft please add a patch to the Ezio Collection that lets us remove armour? Brotherhood has always been ruined by the inability to remove any of the ugly shoulder armour once you are forced to buy it. This is something that should have been available from launch and now that we get a "remaster" collection you don't add this feature? It's so easy to let us do this through a quick and easy patch. The amount of clear bug testing you did to make sure we can't do this is the most frustrating part. Are all the YouTube videos about glitches to remove it and mods to cover it up not been enough of a hint for you? There is a massive amount of the community that hates wearing the armour in the Ezio trilogy but you just completely left us hanging. You even admitted it looked nicer in the way the Brotherhood robes reappears in later games without the shoulder armour. Brotherhood is the only Assassins Creed game where we can't wear the Brotherhood robes properly - even in Soul Caliber it looked proper! Please, I love all of the Assassins Creed games (even three) just please fix this. Even if you released a new outfit that is just basically the starter robes with no armour would be perfect - like how we can wear an Armour of Altair and a Desmond skin etc. Please Ubisoft, for all the fans who care about this... 😭