View Full Version : Change the unlock system of the old Tourney Ornaments

12-25-2017, 06:34 PM
It's great that the old stylish tourney ornaments are back, however they still have the same random unlock system unlike the new tourney ornaments, which is bad and here are the reasons.

First off it would be incredible hard to achieve that ornament you really want. I tried very often to get the House Crest of the Orochi(which I teally enjoy) and I have almost every old ornament of every hero, which is very frustating not to mention that it takes a lot of time due to connection problems and the loading system. It is simply not fair that you're not rewarded with that ornament of a certain hero even though you won tournaments with that hero.

Secondly, the random unlock system is just unpractical. If you really like an ornament of a specific hero, but you just can't win a tournament with that hero, then you just don't deserve that ornament. What is the point of having a ornament of a hero that you can't control really well? The same goes for achieving ornaments of the heroes that are just not your favourite. What is the point of that? Therefore the new unlock system of (only) the new tourney ornaments is much, much better! I see that many players use very often one hero that they truly master during the tournaments and that is good and they should be rewarded with awesome ornaments, but only for that hero. I think we can all agree that it is justified, that you achieve an ornament of a hero that you love and you're good at when winning a tourney. Isn't that the point of having these ornaments in the first place? Besides there are 6 DLC heroes now and for the players who don't have the Season Pass, they simply should not get ornaments of one of those heroes, because they don't have even access to them, unless they spend 15k. All in all, if you really like an ornament of a specific hero, than you have to win at least a tourney with that hero.

Thirdly, you can't have multiple unlock systems, without even mention them. You can't just say that this series of ornaments can be unlocked random and the other can only be unlocked by that hero. It's is vague and confusing. Right now the requirements only say(Achieve the Legendary Reward Tier during Tournament), but you don't even know that this can only be done with that type of hero, at least this goes for the new ornament series, but the old series have still the old unlock system. How are you supposed to know that if you are new to this game? It is simply not mentioned.

I really hope they change the unlock system of the old tourney ornaments soon. Right now it is confusing and I would even call it unfair.