View Full Version : Congratulations, Ubisoft. You just ruined another game.

12-25-2017, 03:21 PM
Exactly? You ruined the game with the new update, turning it into a cash grabber. You need now to pay to dance more than one time per day. The last mechanics when you earned coins while dancing was very good, I loved dancing on this game.

I never though you'll reach such a low professionalism as a highly known company. You just ruined the game's fun and lost maybe a lot of players like me. All you want is money and money. You turned this into a paid game instead of FREE how it SAYS in the google play.

Why Ubisoft? Why do you do such things just for money? I would be ashamed of myself to restrain the free entertainment of my customers to earn more money on a phone game Just Dance Now.

I have a lot of games from Ubisoft, all Prince of Persia games, Assassin's Creed series, Far Cry series, Splinter Cell series, Ghost Recon series, Trackmania series, and I really liked dancing on this phone game, but I'm no longer buying any games from this company, I saw how desperate for money they are and how bad they can ruin a free game by removing the fun for the players, a game which isn't even free anymore. The update was made specially for you to gain more money, not updating for the greater of your players, which should've been, like new songs or new features.

Bye. I'd never thought I'll see the day when I'll hate Ubisoft.