View Full Version : Replay story missions without starting a new character?

12-23-2017, 04:07 PM
The game is so much fun, and an major improvement over Stick of Truth. However, a major issue I had with The Stick of Truth was carried over to The Fractured but Whole: that being the lack of an option to replay story missions on the same character. I love the Danger Deck DLC and the ability to fight previous story-related-enemies on higher difficulty, which adds so much replayability and Iíve been playing the sj*t out of it, but the ability to re-experience story missions and being able to complete them differently than I did during my first playthrough without having to start a new character (with different chosen class abilities I.A.) would be much appreciated.

12-23-2017, 05:42 PM
Also being able to fight bosses I fought before.... in Danger Deck why can I not re-fight boss battles? I have to create a whole new story and do an entire new story just to re-fight Mutant Kyle? Or Niggorath? Or the Christmas Critters? Kind of sucks having to do it this way. So I would also like it if I could refight certain battles in danger deck.