View Full Version : Wishlist to the developers

12-23-2017, 03:44 PM
Dear developers,

Christmas is near now so I decided to make a list with the most important wishes to make For Honor last:

1. Fix the bug that allows you to crash games after the match is over. It is the most unfair thing youn can do right now.

2. Please fix your issues with connectivity. I still did not give up to play tourney even if it is about luck not skill. Host wins that is not what I expect from a game. At the moment a lagging Aramusha can just light spam you to the ground and you can not parry at all.

3. Improve servers. Test was pretty good at start than it went down.

- let people decide on which server they want to play
- show each players ping on the scoreboard

4. Try to understand your customers. You bring more and more cotent but most of your users ask for a stable game way above that.

Please leave a like if you want to support the wishlist or add your wishes below.