View Full Version : Heroes' voices in their emotes after Season3

12-22-2017, 06:50 PM
Hallo,this is my first post. I love For Honor very much but it has several points I want to complain about.

As my title,Heroes' voices in their emotes were changed after Season3. Some are good but some are very bad. Especially I loved Raider's shouts in his "The flag" and "Roar" emotes. But now they are all gone they have almost nothing to speak after Season3 update. I've been disappointed since then. Why were they changed? It's no fun. In addition to that,the sound volume of Thor's Strike effect and Centurion's executions were much lower too after that. I very hope they will be back like before that update.

Next,you know,you can switch colors in the Hero Customization menu. I remember they were switched in order from Neutral,Attacker and Defender at the earliest version,but after v1.03 the order is from Natural,Defender and Attacker. It's strange,is that a long continued bug?

Last,the Japanese official site of For Honor is completely useless. It's hardly updated only once a month. No patchnotes after v1.14.1 it was three months ago! Can that be possible? Please make it's lazy staff work properly.

Thank you for reading. I hope my English can make sense.

12-22-2017, 08:12 PM
For patch notes I recommend first checking Reddit and this forum, not For Honor's official website.

I don't know about the voices, however I'll keep an eye out if I spot some issues. I mostly just play one hero, but there are others on here who use various heroes and could maybe confirm if they have that issue as well.