View Full Version : No Ice Mask on Vikings During Blue Buffalo Executions Emotes. (Atleast for the HighL)

12-22-2017, 03:15 PM
Anyone notice that the Vikings Blue Buffalo emote does not have the ice mask on while the execution is happening? The mask only pops up over the victim. I think if this is not an error the Vikings really got the least "cool" mask this event. The Samurai and the Knights are wicked awesome! Wings for the Knights, and a sweet dragon head the has yellow glowing eyes and mouth. Vikings get an Ice Mask that is mainly 2D other than the cool horns that extend out. I suggest they at least add the Ice Mask to the heroes face during executions. This would help a little but not a lot. Others thoughts on the Vikings Mask Mythic Outfit? Anyone getting the Viking Mask anyway?! lol