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12-22-2017, 12:50 AM
This game is a joke now, and will only continue to go down the hole. Good try, Ubi, you made a mostly pretty game with dog **** for substance and your attempt to appeal to the idiotic, spamming masses will surely net you a few bucks. To the decent players I met, good luck and hopefully the game takes a turn for the better soon. I'm not wasting another minute on this piece of garbage, it's been a year and the game is undeniably in the worst shape its been since release. Ubi, I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times and will a thousand times more - you're a massive disappointment and you'll never see another dime of my money for any half-assed title you put out, no matter how deceptively good the trailer looks. I'm not competitive and I've never been so infuriated by a *game* in my life. Enjoy your lag, disconnects, glitches, terrible character design, and all-around ******** gameplay. As a sidenote, the new event is laughable - that ice map is designed for the worst kind of players, and the masks are hilariously bad and overpriced. Kudos on the attempt though - enjoy your dwindling playerbase until you go free to play and even the trolls move on to something more worthwhile. Seeya.

12-22-2017, 01:28 AM
Hello there. Quoting you from a previous thread:

It's gonna be a make it or break it for me this weekend. I'm about to retire this game for good and save myself the aggravation and frustration I feel from something that isn't fun to play anymore. Hopefully it makes a world of difference, but I think the mechanics are broken to the core and it won't help anything but random disconnects.

Quoting something important someone said on the same thread:

Keep in mind this is their first public stress test. There are bound to be hiccups and that's the point of a test after all, to find as many issues as possible now rather than at the first minute of the full release. Me personally I reserve my make it or break it decisions for the last test before release, not the first.

As you're well aware, it was their first public stress test for the dedicated servers. After the Open Test, it's understandable to feel frustrated again with P2P.

As for glitches, they're being addressed one by one, but they wait for community feedback first. Also, half this month is holidays, so don't expect them to work during a vacation.

As for character reworks, these have just been started. They'll eventually wrap them up and release them. Even if there's no ETA on them, doesn't mean they never started them.

As for the Frost Wind Festival, keep in mind most of the stuff are freebies, free stuff. We can't really complain when it's free stuff, you know? The Mask Outfit isn't that bad. It's on the same level as the Halloween Mask Outfit. Many players bought it. Many players will buy the Frost Wind one.

Patience is a virtue, friend. We lose nothing by waiting out to see how things will be when dedicated servers are here and when the character reworks finally come to life.