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12-21-2017, 09:56 PM
I'm a bit surprised at the songs that were recently added to Just Dance Unlimited.

Five of these are older songs (2014/2015), and of all the older songs to choose from that are absolutely fantastic, all I can think is WHY THESE?

Spectronizer, Dagomba, Epic Sirtaki, and Isidora (all recently re-added) are lacking in visual appeal, choreographic popularity, and sound quality -- thinking from a perspective of what will be popular -- compared to so many other amazing dances. The scoring for these dances can also be somewhat frustrating, except for those who danced to them so much in 2014 and 2015 that we learned them well then. Personally, I only did these dances in Unlimited because I've done all the other Unlimited dances and I don't want to have any dances that I didn't try.

I personally don't mind that a few of these dances are pretty challenging: I enjoy the challenge of trying to hit megastars on every dance, and only Isidora remains for me to master. But I'm thinking of the recreational dancer, who may easily get frustrated by these older dances, especially when they compare them to Just Dance 2018, which has better visual appeal and friendlier scoring.

Of the five older dances that were recently re-added, Xmas was the one good choice. That's a fun dance, and its addition makes sense with the holiday season. The other four are harder to understand.

A lot of dancers bought Just Dance 2018 in later October, early November, and they got 3-month subscriptions to Just Dance Unlimited, right? Think about the possible marketing repercussions here. Pretty soon, they will be deciding whether or not to renew their subscriptions. So a few weeks before this important decision, you add a handful of older dances that are lacking in a variety of ways and frustrating in terms of scoring. It doens't make sense.

On the other hand, Feels So Right is a cool new dance that you added around the same time. December thru March will be critical months to add cool new content to Unlimited to persuade more dancers to renew their Unlimited subscriptions. A lot of people will be receiving Just Dance 2018 as Christmas presents, so their renewals will be coming up in March.

It was cool that you included all of the Just Dance 2017 songs with Unlimited. This was a good move.

If you can't get enough fresh content out in the next few months, or if you're looking for more older songs to add to Unlimited, you have so many better choices than what you added recently. I would recommend Black Widow, Diamonds, Diamonds Seated Dance, Same Old Love, Dark Horse, Love Me Again, Problem, I Love It, I Love It Guards Version, Get Low, She Looks So Perfect, Best Song Ever, 4x4, Burn, Addicted to You, Fatima, Me and My Broken Heart, and the Bad Romance Official Choreo. These are the popular 2015 songs (and the one missing from 2016) that somehow were overlooked in Unlimited (you have almost all of the 2016 and 2014 dances, but for whatever reason, many of the best 2015 songs are excluded from Unlimited).

I love Just Dance 2018 and I love Just Dance Unlimited. With over 300 songs in Unlimited though, it seems that you could be a little more selective about the older songs. New Xbox dancers trying Aquarius, for example, will probably experience some frustration. At least, there shouldn't be any dances that are likely to be rated less-than-okay by many dancers when there are so many better dances from previous versions that are missing.

To be fair, you have added several great songs over the past year or so, including Me Too, Handclap, The Greatest, Feels So Right, Youth, Let Me Love You, Ain't My Fault, Thumbs, and Error. I'm sure you have more great songs on the horizon.

My apologies to anyone who loves the dances that I mentioned that I felt may be lacking in some way. :-) Feel free to dislike the dances that I love.