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12-21-2017, 01:05 AM
so devs already said themselves that following through with a attack chain is just a risk right? right.

and they also said that the original cast had to few options in their kit right? right.

so why did they think releasing aramusha with a single attack chain and nothing else was a good idea?

why was he advertised as a character with "very good dodges" here?

his dodge distance is increadibly short for someone who has NO armor.
maybe because he is supposed to be a "tank hybrid"?
if so then why does he have not the appropriate ammount of hp? for now he has the assasin hp but lacks the agility and dodge attacks of an assasin.

in the same patch notes it also says: "Very good special block move" wich is a blatant lie.

first of all it renders the user longer voulnerable than it actually protects him. 400ms block followed by 500 ms recovery animation. thats something the other fullblocks dont have to worry about.
it only combines the disadvantages of the hiddenstance and regular fullblocks of this game but does not give him the advantages of them.

if it is reaction based like hidden stance then why is it guard brakable and suffers from a longer recovery animation? the other fullblock variations at least let you attack out of it but blade blockade just makes you a sitting duck.

the payoff is also not worth it. 10 damage for such a risky manouver? gladiators toestap is laughing at that.

also his soft-feints are paling in comparison to what shaman has to offer. she can soft-feint any heavy AND her zone attack while aramusha can only softfeint his finishers.

i really wonder how the devs could think this character was a good design if he lacks in every aspect of his kit and stats?

12-21-2017, 01:12 AM
I don't agree. I think all characters should have confirmed combos or at least very hard to counter combo. The fighting mechanics in For Honor always converge to turtling game plat in mid and high levels because no combos and no real chip damage. It's a broken dying game.