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12-20-2017, 11:59 PM
Hello Riders,

For the end of the year and heading into the Holidays, we wanted to take a positive route and review the items that make Trials a favorite for all of us. We are all fans of the game, though we don’t all necessarily love the same things. We would like to open this thread for you all to share what you enjoy most about the game, what you’ve gained or learned, really anything that has made the game important in your life. This can include anything from the early browser games up to our most current titles!


Members from our team also wanted to join in on the conversation. Take a look below at what makes the Trials games so special to some of the Redlynx crew:

“Trials is one of a few games where failure can create a positive experience for both players and viewers. If the game can make me laugh my *** off after failing to perform a jump for the 100th time, I’m more than willing to try the hundred and first!”

-Volodymyr Gerasimov, Game Designer

“One of my most memorable aspects of the Trials series was when I was trying to build a proof of concept of the SPHERE Skill Game in early Trials Evolution builds, back in 2010 or 2011. Back then, only the bike and rider could be the player character and nothing else. This meant that the game camera and physics activation area were coded to only follow the rider, so in order to keep the player controlled metal ball in range, I had to have the rider hidden under the platforms keeping him in range as the ball rolled along, smashing him into various walls to keep him on track. Naturally, it was horrible and broke in all kinds of ways! After some pleading with the coders, we soon got new tools that allowed the level team to choose any object they wished to be the player character and soon had the SPHERE prototype working as intended, with simple first person shooters, airplane simulators and car games prototyped soon after. This opened up the Trials Evolution editor from being a mere Trials track editor, to a game editor where talented creators could build almost anything they could imagine!”

-Lee Rowland, Expert Level Designer

“Grinding very hard tracks or obstacles over and over again and then finally making it. A true feeling of accomplishment.”

-Mikko Katara, Marketing Director

“Well its Trials on a computer! so that is f*****g awesome as I would be a menace to society if I was riding a real bike in real life. Trials has an unbelievable friendly community that are more than helpful in all aspects of the game. I have met so many good people through Trials via Xbox from young to old (This game has no age restrictions) I have also been lucky enough to have worked with so many talented people from the community and not to forget the super talented Redlynx team who are an amazing team to be part of and work with. No mustard on my bike!!”

-Martin King aka murderbysound, Level Designer

“From the Evo Editor Tutorials to Fusion’s Editor & UGC streams I think many people in the community know me as an editor guy. The editor in Trials HD was the thing for me that turned a fun little motorcycle game into a full blown obsession. It’s been almost a decade now and I still can’t go more than a few weeks without booting up Trials to mess around in the editor. The freedom it provides to create almost anything you can dream is incredible and the creative community’s ability to continue to come up with new ideas and jaw dropping creations is inspiring.”

-John Lloyd aka Shogun, Community Developer


“For me Trials feels like a game between a 'mobile' session length with AAA quality. It's very easy to boot up and there is a ton of content and activities. You can approach it as a racing, skill, puzzle or party game. Everyone can find something for themselves in it.

Creativity aspect of the game is just hilarious - watching some tracks made by RedLynx is great, but reviewing some user-created tracks and game modes is just over the top.
You can do whatever you want in this game — and this is just great to relax and have fun.”

-Ostap Dovbush, Game Designer

“I like the way I hate this game. Trying to overcome obstacles again and again and knowing that I am not even somehow close to the ninjas.”

-Alex Shvyrlo, Associate Producer

At this point in the article we would usually promote our monthly podcast. However this month with the team very busy trying to wrap up their work before spending a little quality time with friends and family for the holidays we had trouble getting schedules to match up to do the recording. There will be no Trials Garage Radio podcast this month but we hope to return next month with a bigger, longer podcast covering both December & January topics to kick off 2018 with a bang!

As always, in addition to your comments below we always appreciate you taking a few moments to fill out our survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TrialsFavorites). It’s a real shorty this month and shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two.

Thank you all for a wonderful year! Our next Trials Garage article will come in the New Year and will take the opposite approach as we discuss those items that are not so loved by the community and the things you feel need the most improvement.

We hope you all have a great holiday and wish the best for the new year. See you in 2018.

-Trials Community Team

12-21-2017, 03:47 PM
A couple of things - Trials has taken me back to the Kikstart games on my C64, and in turn to the Kick Start BBC television series I used to love when I was a kid.

In Trials itself, playing 8-player multiplayer with a bunch of friends online has provided hour after hour of hilarious entertainment and I look forward to seeing what Redlynx have in store... :)

12-22-2017, 03:13 PM
I can’t help but reply here. It’s odd a game has such an effect on me. After all, you make zero money from creating and most in the world place little value in making video game tracks. What a hard habit and obsession to rationalize.
Trials really has everything that enthuses me about gaming. Creating, sharing in a large community, the never ending technique you progress at, and very addictive nature of “nailing the driveline”. It’s the essence of Trials. “Ok, just one more try.” The Trials anthem that has been beating for almost a decade for me. The editor is always a challenge and welcomed way to create with and for the community.

I remember watching Shogun tutorials on the editor for Trials HD. He was the unsung spokesman for the game in many ways. There is no shock he went on to work for Redlynx and is still there. This is something I always loved about the company. Hiring many community members. Watching some fulfill their dreams of working for a game company is awesome. I have respect for all those who got picked up by RL from the community. I remember when DJ Twitchy got his first Redlynx pick.

I haven’t played much Trials, in only the past month. I put the game on yesterday and ran a few tracks on Track Central...one even happened to be my own. I still get that same psyched feeling when I nail a good run. Spending 30 minutes grinding a time, all for another .2 seconds off my personal best. Sounds crazy, well...that’s Trials. The best game ever created. Well, for me...but I’m a little biased.

12-26-2017, 12:27 PM
My favorite thing about trials is definitely the editor. I love the freedom it provides to create anything from a trials track, to a fps, to a piece of music... I love playing trials but it is the editor that really captured me...

Secondly, i love the trials community and the abundance of great tracks that are churned out each and every week.

I ShinFenix I
01-02-2018, 01:51 PM
Trials changed my life. Since 5 years I play this game for speedrunning all the tracks I want. When I look back to my skills improvement, I can't believe what I've done. I also met a lot of really cool guy who become friends know. So thank you redlynx for what you've done since so many years and I'm sure 2018 would be the best years to be a trials player.

01-05-2018, 11:38 PM
These are great memories and experiences. Thank you all for sharing them with us!

01-10-2018, 05:47 AM
Trials is one of those rare games where the developer is not afraid of difficulty, and asks the player to improve themselves. Trials knows that the joy in the game is learning to master the mechanics, and the satisfaction that comes from 0 faulting an extreme that the first time you desperately passed, you thought you'd never finish it again. It gives the game character, and provides opportunities for players to excel, either at speedrunning or ninjas.

For me, it was passing Ascension (Ninja) for the first time. It took me 6 months to first finish, to learn the track and get good enough mechanically to beat it. Now it's a track I repeat because of the joy of mastering it. It's quite like rock climbing in that way, the routes that challenge you are the ones you grow to love.

The other was when my friends picked up Trials. Between the games with gold and a few buying it on sale, playing online multiplayer together, talking them through tracks whilst I handicapped myself with the Donkey, Trials plays really well when you're just mucking around with friends.

01-28-2018, 11:57 AM
How amusing that this is the communication you give us asking feedback on a 4/5 year old game. Almost like RedLynx knew trials was dying and needed a way to keep their small player base engaged in basically nothing. Redlynx? Cmon..