View Full Version : I like this game a lot, but I wonder...

12-20-2017, 06:35 PM
Is this the game the devs set out to make? The very early videos of FH gameplay show quite a different product from what we have now. I started following FH progress pretty early in development, 2014 or perhaps earlier, can't recall. Anyway, I was under the impression this game was supposed to be more like a medieval war game and less like a fighting game. I was so excited, I thought it would be Battlefield: Medieval. But the game on release, and the one we have today, plays a lot more like Call of Duty: Medieval. I know there is Mount & Blade which fills a big battle type role, but I feel that series is more comparable to Arma than Battlefield.

So IMO, at the moment there is a void in gaming: a medieval style war game that is based heavily on PvP/hero mechanics AND includes things like destructible environments, moving maps, larger maps, less emphasis on bogus feats and cheesy gameplay, a permanent hardcore mode, etc..

There are a few games which may be like this, coming out soon. But was I wrong to initially think this is what FH was going to be? And the scarier question is (if I'm correct in my view)... how much did the decision to utilize a P2P network affect the vision for the game?

NOTE: Been contemplating making this post for a while. Not looking for a flame war please; I know the game has issues, but this is more of an overall/big picture discussion.