View Full Version : Username Recycle Policy [Suggestion]

12-20-2017, 05:18 PM
Hello there, from some time now I've been using a different nickname that I usually use on any platform, and the reason for that is that the name is taken on Uplay. I've recently talked to Ubisoft's great live chat support and they told me that Ubi doesn't have a username recycle policy. Sadly my case couldn't be solved since the guy is actually using the username , which is totally fine for me. So my idea is why don't you add some Recycle policy for usernames like for accounts that have not been active for a long time. I've seen other companies use it on periods of time like let's say user has not had any activity on his profile for more than 12 months, and the username get's recycled and it's free again. I've seen a lot of people that don't use their actual usernames on Uplay and they write about it on forums, so I do believe we need something like that.

P.S. I want to thank the guy from Live Chat support that told me to add it as suggestion on the forums. Ubisoft's Live chat has always been great with helping me and I'm very happy with those guys.

Regards, Quodprinceps