View Full Version : Weekly rant about For Honor - lags/errors/crashes/forum/balance/

12-20-2017, 08:49 AM

past 7-10 days in For Honor was a horror. Even though I play since the very beginning of season 2, I've never had this much issues with the game as now for the past week (and yesterday I was close to quitting temporarily due to game crash).
But let's get to specifics:

The least important thing (but still important):

1. I usually visit forums in the morning - this means that this post is probably gonna get lost in spam that is present on this forum. This is outrageous. I've already suggested that posting on this forum should require you to have an actual game. - why is that so hard or why would it be a problem?

2. Lags/DC/Crash - As mentioned I'm playing since spring this year, and I've never (!!) had this much DC/crash/error/etc. in my entire FH experience as this week. Yesterday in 2 hour playing session, me and my buddies were literally an hour in a queue - leaving us only 1 hour to play an actual game. This is absurd. Additionally, some of the games never finish - I'm so proud when I have an incredible game with 1000+ points in dominion and find out that the game can't end for some unknown reason (the victory screen won't show up, but instead I can run and do nothing with my character). I have to leave the match (just like the rest of people in the game) and lose all my orders that I pretty much managed to finish during that game. Another thing is that sometimes when I'm in party with a buddy, one of us doesn't get joined to the game = requeue and wait again

Last thing a bit less in regards to lags - queue times are horrendously long - and let me tell you this: "Very high activity"

I'm not saying that it's the cause - but latest patches that came out made me feel like there are so many errors and crashes.

I'm not sure if this is a balance issue or lag issue but - fix shaman's jump attack (not pounce) - if the player has even smallest lag (or I do), her jump attack will be instant in most cases - this had happened especially on dedicated server test, but right now it happens aswell from time to time. - I can live with that though, there are bigger priorities

Balance - Aramusha - how come people want to nerf Aramusha so bad (on PC)? I'm not sure you realize just how many players can laugh at aramusha's face parrying every single of his attacks - nerfing his only weapon, which is light spam would be pretty much removing the character - on the contrary, Aramusha needs a slight (SLIGHT!) tweak to his fullblock to make it more usable.
This being said - Aramusha might need a nerf on consoles. - 30FPS is a joke even as someone who doesn't play on PS4 I know it's painful to be playing on controller with such little time to react.
First of all - making same balance for 2 kinds of gameplay is a bit weird - simple example from Overwatch: Torbjorn on PC is the worst character in OW even after several buffs, on PS4 on the other hand even after several nerfs to him he still might dominate the game.
If PK's and Aramushas are simply too fast for too many console players - its time to nerf those characters ONLY on consoles. But leave PC aramusha alone - he's an average character, nearly "okay" to play on high level matches.

Wishful thinking - Please reveal reworked characters, pleeaaaaaase (kensei lover)

I've said that in the past - I love the game, the concept, the core of it - I really don't want to see it fall.

PS. Oh... and tell me, the lagswitch is actually an exploit?
Cuz more and more people seem to abuse it by affecting their Internet connection to make it look like **** during matches, throwing tons of instant attacks unavoidable, unblockable, invisible. Can something be done about this?