View Full Version : Hey UBI, can you enable option to buy Armour/Weapon set with Steel?

12-19-2017, 06:16 AM
As the title said, I think the current "Scavenge Gear" method is a big waste to spend steel plus if we want to change the look it required steel again, which in my opinion void the use of scavenge point. Why combine steel + scavenge point to change the look? Why not use just one of them?

My suggestion is:

1.Change the use of Scavenge Point. Please only locate scavenge point for changing the looks, not with additional steel

2.Enable option to buy specific Armour/Weapon set with steel. Differentiate the value between regular gear and Legendary gear. The legendary one obviously will be more expensive than the regular one.

3.Gear Stats and Stats. The option to buy armour/weapon set comes with one problem: there are many variant of gear stats for each gear and level. Whats the solution? The weapon set we bought will function as a template/blue print, so we can change the look of gear gathered from the end of matches.

Any other ideas guys?

Its just frustating spending steel again and again just to find unwanted armour/weapon set.