View Full Version : Horrible connections/lag

12-19-2017, 05:35 AM
Well I guess everyone that tried the free server test went out and bought the game. I mean, that that must be the explanation for why sooooooo many people have such absolutely awful latency now, right?

I had three matches in a row with people that had a disconnect symbol for their latency. Not green, not yellow, not even a normal red bars. Just a disconnect symbol.

I didnít have a good experience with the servers. They lagged and many people had instantaneous attacks and gbs. But I still had the reliable(bad) p2p network.

Now.... now itís awful. Itís frustrating when a ghost whips the **** out of you, then suddenly appears just in time for the execution.

Ugh. The server test has somehow hurt my already damaged for honor experience.