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12-16-2017, 07:58 PM
1- Diagonal Streets. And I do not how it was in Anno 2205, but service buildings should have square service areas not circle.

2- A better naval combat system. 20 ships should not be able to attack a single ship at the same time, especially in a large naval war with two big fleets. Make naval combat more strategic without making it micromanage-y. As there will be no land battles, naval battles must definitely get better and more engaging & strategic.

3- A better trade system. In Anno 1404 at least, AI could buy from every warehouse. I don't think that system was very good. I suggest a 'trade hub' building. It can be only built in islands with inhabitants. It can be upgraded if the island has more & higher level inhabitants. With upgrades AI would buy more goods from that island. This would create reasons for building a second city (which would be a nice change in my opinion) Also trade can be tied to diplomacy better. There may be agreements between trade hubs to ship goods etc. Perhaps imports from and exports to parties outside of the map. And maybe even natives can be added to map with diplomacy options (like Anno 1701). 19th century is the era of imperialism after all...

4- More water between islands, and more interesting island shapes. This would add make outposts etc. beneficial&necessary and would make naval part of the game (not just combat) more interesting. For me Anno has always been a game about sea and ships (and also city building), and it is obvious Anno would have no value or strategy without sea or islands, so naval gameplay is very important. Now we have only naval combat it has got even more important.

5- And an AI that actually plays the game by its rules. I hate 2070 AIs. And an AI that plays the game well. In Anno 1404 especially AIs farming layouts were very bad. I know that AI cannot be as good as a human player, but it should not cheat so much.

And in Anno 1404 few AIs got to nobleman level and no AI had 2000-3000 noblemen. AIs late game should be improved.

I know my suggestions, especially the ones about AI can be hard to implement but there is no wrong in suggesting them right?

Thanks for reading

EDIT: I would also like to see an option for creating a fleet and giving order to that fleet instead of to the ships individually. This should make the game less micromanage-y.

12-17-2017, 06:36 PM
1. Anno has always had circular influence areas for public and service buildings. Changing this would not be in the "Anno" spirit in my opinion.

2. They have since said they are exploring adding land units and battles back in to the game after community feedback... I wouldn't want Anno to be too micro-y on the naval front, especially larger battles with 40+ ships, having to individually set targets (if they can't all attack the same ship) would be a bore.

3. I agree, but it still makes sense that a trader can sell goods to a remote outpost as well as a busy city. A building that affects trade could be interesting

4. We're going to have land units!! :)

5. The reason for the 2070 AI, was it allowed the AI to make more thematic sense. I know exactly where you are coming from, as I didn't like the 2070 AI at first either, but I have started to prefer it. AI's cheating is the only way to pose a challenge to more experienced players. Its simply not feasible (although technically possible) to code a non-cheaty AI that performs as a human and would, and have it be difficult to beat. Thematic + cheats is the way the AI formed more of a challenge.

What do you mean about the fleet thing? In 2070, (at least, haven't tried it in 1404 or earlier), you can assign hotkeys (Ctrl + number) to save a selection of specific ships. If you mean giving orders to the ships from a separate menu, rather than having to find them on the map, that would be cool, but I can't think of many uses for it.