View Full Version : (PC: Uplay/Steam) Grow Up! Won't download

12-16-2017, 12:43 AM
I bought "Grow Up!" through Uplay, but when I click on "Download" it forwards me to the Steam store page for the same game.

How do I either get this downloaded, get my steam key from Uplay, or get a refund?

12-19-2017, 10:01 PM
Hello, I was having the same problem and learned that the Grow Home and Grow Up games are Steamworks games so they require Steam to run. In order to activate this on Steam click on your user name at the top right of Uplay, then head to Account Information, then to the My Games tab. There you can find the activation code for the game, just plug that into Steam and your done! :cool:

02-19-2018, 02:56 AM
@Tayzy, Thanks so much! Your directions were spot on. I was in the same boat and had entered a support ticket w/ Ubi. It being the weekend I haven't heard anything in several days so thought I'd search the forums. I followed your clear instructions to get the product code from Uplay and was able to redeem it in Steam app. Thanks again!