View Full Version : Awful Scifi/Mystical Deck? Lvl 9 stuck on rank 18

12-13-2017, 04:16 PM
I've been using this deck ever since i unlocked the mystic cards

Their stats are by HP/ATK
Prophet Dougie: 83/91
Program Stan : 229/50
Starvin Marvin: 146/57
Regen: 22/sec
Nathan: 103/37
Enforcer Jimmy: 206/49
Freeze range 2.2
Zen cartman: 757/0
Rats: 15/17
Poison: 16/sec
Choirboy Butters: 81/86
Dogpoo: 252/84
I've managed to get to rank 18 with it but now it starts becoming impossible for me to win especially when the opponent has manbearpig. I'm now dropped to 17 with 2 stars. I've been thinking about replacing the freeze card, but sometimes i freeze the opponent and surrounding units while my dougie charges at him.

The remainder of my scifi/mystical/neutral cards:

12-14-2017, 01:30 AM
I'd replace starvin' Marvin with Gizmo Ike or something cheaper...Friar Jimmy would be good, but you already have a cheaper Jimmy in the deck. Nelly is pretty bad a$$ when she is leveled.

12-15-2017, 09:52 AM
Original deck had nice combos with regen/freeze with marvin so I tried to keep most of it:


The deck works best with units clumped together and pushing slowly. Freeze regen and poison are way more effective in large groups. I changed zen cartman with awesomo for getting 1 more freeze in there. Nelly shows her true potential in fights larger than 3v3 so I swapped dougie with nelly. I swapped token for butters. Token has a very nice active. 1) dash sneaky sideline assassins. 2) dash backwards to drop new kid aggro 3) dash to execute new kid. To make use of regen more token is also a wiser choice.

Tips: Spam poison whenever enemy cuddles +3 cards you don't have to kill with poison.
Never drop cartman by himself.
Don't drop nelly in small fights(except rats/gnomes).
Use freeze ray during fights
Use freeze ray on the new kid&enemies to make sure marvin/token takes a bar
Use freezes back to back. Don't let them breathe.

Hope you have fun & climb easily with the changes.

12-17-2017, 02:22 AM
This is the deck I am using at the moment (rank 44, 100% F2P)

Basic tip:
A good deck is not a deck with good cards, but one that is balanced in the type of cards, versatile and energy efficient. Don't think about those few games where you won because of a nice Freeze Ray - Dougie combo, think off all the times when you had nothing on the board and got overwhelmed. Personnally I prefer a deck with cheap, mainly 3 drop cards, beause it increases your card turnover in your hand and thereby the odds of having the right card at hand when you need it. For example a purify to cancel your poison or a 2 drop Butters assassin to kill your Dougie before he can touch my New Kid.The layout I always use is:
1 tank and 1 headhunter (or a combination with Mimsy)
2 assassins
2 - 3 archers
4 - (preferably) 5 fighters
1 - 2 spells

Some remarks:
I tried some of the tactics you are using so this is based on some hard learned lessons and on what I have other people seen playing.
1. Three spells is way too much. Stick to 1 or maximum 2 spells. I only use purify, which is a 1 drop and completely renders all 3 of your 3 drop spells useless. And almost everybody with a mystical deck is using purify. Even after the upcomming nerf it will be one of the best cards in the game (in my opinion even THE BEST card). If I had to keep one of your spells, it would be Regeneration. Another reason to drop Freeze Ray and Poison is that there are plenty of fighters and archers in Sci-Fi that also give these status effects as an added bonus, which is way more energy efficient than using seperate spells for it.
2. You only have 3 fighters and you need at least 4 or preferably 5. These are your line of defense that have to stay on the field for a wile and 3 won't cut it. There is even a good chance you will often have a hand without any fighters. Definitely use Friar Jimmy! This is one of the best cards in the game. He can even heal your New Kid. In fact all the Jimmys are great, so I even allowed 2 of them in my deck, which is usually not a good idea but Enforcer Jimmy is also awsome and I really wanted two 2 drops in my deck to increase the odds of having something on hand for those Dougies. Another great card is Alien Clyde. Drop him as your first card after your oponent has played his first card and often your opponents first character will die before being able to do anything.
4. You have 2 headhunters in your deck. I prefer to use only 1 (Starvin Marvin, but I'm still not convinced that I made a good choice with that myself). Personally I find that all of the Dougies suck. Really, you should NEVER use them. They seem nice and sometimes they can do their thing, but they are too expencive and most of the time they easily get blocked by some cheap 2 drop or distracted by Zen Cartman.
2. Don't listen to the suggestion of using Gizmo Ike. It rocks in PvE, but in PvP most of the time you'll be able to use his charge no more than ones. Believe me, I tried :).
3. Nathan is good (I have used him for a long time as well), but I prefer Terrance Mephesto. He does less damage, but he flies so he'll usually be on the board longer.
4.Choireboy Butters is a nice 2 drop so you can keep him, but Astronaut Butters has a better ability and because he is common it will be more easy to level him up.