View Full Version : visuals in harbour and on the ships

12-12-2017, 03:18 PM
Whilst anno games are very beautiful there was still always something missing.
Why aren't there people wandering on the ships?
Like you had trenchcoat's carrier ship with some peoples on it, all the other ships where deserted in the fact of people.
It would be cool to see some animations there.

Also in the harbour i always love the sight of lot's of ships docking on the warehouses loading and unloading their stuff but perhaps even more impressive animations would really give the game that extra end since you often look a lot on harbours.
p.s. til now 1404 had the most beautifull harbours and harbour animations.

12-26-2017, 08:01 PM
I also wondered about how cool it would be to see a crew on the ships. It would make the world seem even more alive. I don't know why it was never included in any of the games.
Docking animations and loading/unloading animations would be epic to see as wel. Seeing the ship dock and throwing out the ropes. Seeing the ramp go down and people carrying crates on and off the ship. It wouldn't really be possible for transporting goods manually over ships because that would take too much time. But the ships in trading routes and the trading ships of NPCs have a timer at the dock anyway to simulate loading and unloading. So why not include animations for it? Very good suggestion!