View Full Version : Reset the action bar?

12-12-2017, 03:04 PM
I have no idea what i did, really, but... My current game is going quite well, and i'd like not to have to throw it out.

I pretty much only use the action bar for units. So, CTRL+<number> with a ship, or a number of ships selected, stuck them in the corresponding slot on the actionbar. (I only have 1 row active. Tried two, not worth the hassle of accessing them)

The action of assigning a hotkey to a ship, still works. But they no longer end up on the actionbar.
I can select a ship, and drag the "ship icon" just left of the vehicle name to the action bar, and it's accessible from there, but it doesn't have the assigned hotkey number on it...

Does anyone know how to get it back to behaving as it used to, short of starting over with a new game?