View Full Version : Ranked duels connection issues

12-12-2017, 06:16 AM
So I just tried to to a ranked duels tournament. Started the first match won 2 rounds then the server bugged out. this is no biggie its happens before and you just connect to the next match. But this time it did not. the server proceeded to invalidate each round after said there was a double forfeit then gave me and automatic loss on the finals round and gave me and abandon penalty. I did not abandon and am now being punished for it. uhm what!?

12-12-2017, 08:15 PM
I would avoid Ranked until dedicated servers are here. For Honor's biggest, most frustrating connectivity problems, manifest in Ranked. Dedicated servers are closing in, so hopefully, along with making Ranked more playable, most of the connectivity issues are going to be solved. Including, notwithstanding, lag compensation.