View Full Version : Aramusha light, heavy spam

12-11-2017, 11:32 PM
Aramusha it's the only character in the game that can beat me with full Health, his attack are unpredictable, now everybody do the light to heavy faint attacks, i am not even talking about a parry but at least make the block of the attack interrupting the attack, i had a match today vs 2 aramusha 1 shinobi and 1 gladiator, u know how that match felt especially in a 2 vs 1 situation, i main Valkyrie and if i sweep someone in 2vs1 the recovery time so it's big that the other person can attack me and even kill me in the meantime, explain to me Ubisoft, how can i play this game when not even a little taught was put in the characters role class, I really like the concept of the game, but not the game, every time when i log in, I have a break down, and exit the game with ALT+F4, i have played many MMORPGs in my life, more then 15 years of gaming, but this is the only game that makes me mad when i play it, because everything seems broken, the Light spams, the incorrect showing of the incoming attack, the GB in the same time with ur enemy but he get the GB and i don't and I can't even CGB, and many others, you work really slow, and i know that you think that when you gone fix the game maybe after another year or two, players will come back, or others will buy the game, but remember that the bad reputation it's still there, you think that this will work like Rainbow 6 siege, but remember that its an FPS, and more ppl play FPS then this type of games, anyway, i had to rant because "cancer game"

Have a nice day