View Full Version : PC Download The Division for the third time

12-11-2017, 10:04 PM
Hi, I have The Division on Steam and Uplay (I bought it on Steam), I have already downloaded it in the two applications, but it turns out that it asks me to download it once more in Uplay, I mean, another The Division was created besides the one that was already and also asks me to download it again for the third time, the downloaded files are all in order and when I put it to try to recognize the files already downloaded it does not recognize them and keeps downloading, but, apart from all that, it marks me as if I had the test version therefore, under the 2nd The Divison in Uplay tells me "Get The Complete Game" and when they are freeweekend or something like that the game can be played for free does not leave me and tells me to activate the game , when I already have it activated on Steam.