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12-11-2017, 12:34 AM
Ubisoft. I really wonder whats the reason behind your Ego.
dont get me Wrong, For Honor ,the idea of this Game is ONE in 2000 years. its Brilliant its Great , H O W E V E R.

You make a close combat game, based on peer 2 peer connection. Here is the thing; does an East European and a West European have the same latency ? No,. The fact that they Both live in Europe doesnt make a Game laggfree. does *luck*"( to find a lagfreeplayer) determine my ENJOYMENT in this game ? its sad isnt it ?

You Force people to face Lagg instead of smooth game experience. This GAME DOESNT DESERVE THAT !
on top of all. You make new Heroes unreactable Op. Why Ubisoft?
This is just like a Liar.that always tries to win Time to close the gap.,
In your Case; YOu try to make Money asap.
You're lying to us Ubisoft.
when everyone complain about it, youre forced to change things, which in turn Cost you, Time Money and Leaving Dissapointed Playerbase.
This is why your Ground never gets stable. YOu waste time on stupid things and loose balance.

The money and Time you Spend on reworks simply kills your game. I am not talking about Improvement.

Start with the most Important thing first. Connection ! Connection COnnection !
Start with Basics which will have Huge Impact.,. Once we see progress. i am sure we will Support you from the bottom of our Hearts. becuz you deserve this
But atm i personally truly feel Punked.

Sry forthe Bad grammar, i wasnt tthe best student in School. I risk my English to improve this game, because i care. thank you.

12-11-2017, 07:55 AM
I don't mean any of this in a derogatory manner, as I'm just as frustrated as you, but I can address some of your points.

We are getting Dedicated Servers relatively soon. I speculate before at the beginning of next season. This "should" fix the biggest issues.
The lag compensation is also in the works, though, even with the issues Timesnap was creating, the game was much more reactable with it enabled, sadly.
Balance is a pretty big issue, and is in a horrid state. I can only imagine that they're stilling waiting on the rest of the defensive meta patch, which is hilariously overdue.
I love the game, and still have faith in it, but the current state is pretty bad...

12-11-2017, 11:34 AM
In terms of the defensive meta stuff most of that has actually gone through, the PC community torpedoed the parry changes with their feedback and that is why we are still waiting on that.We have also been told that the OG characters are getting reworks,the first batch are conqueror, kensei and berserker,Eric said there is a lot they want to do they just don't yet have a prioritised list to share, they also said different characters are at different stages of motion capping for new moves. I would also say they have been learning over time, it isn't like this is For Honor 7 or like it uses the street fighter/tekken template,no disrespect to Injustice but when I looked at gameplay my first impression was that for all intents and purposes it was a reskinned version of something I played thirty years ago, so of course that was gotten right quickly,For Honor is new.

In terms of P2P we can say with hindsight that they need to get dedicated servers in but I don't think they should be blamed for going with the industry standard for fighting games given they were doing something unique and that would have been one of the few things they were sure should work.

12-11-2017, 03:58 PM
In terms of P2P we can say with hindsight that they need to get dedicated servers in but I don't think they should be blamed for going with the industry standard for fighting games given they were doing something unique and that would have been one of the few things they were sure should work.

Players to FH devs during development/alpha: "I don't think P2P is the way to go with this game"
Players to FH devs during beta: "Yeah the P2P network is not robust enough for this game"
Players to FH devs during the first 6 months of release: "Yup, the P2P network doesn't work"
Devs to players roughly half a year after release: "Okay, we're going to start working on dedicated servers."

I think they had suspicions around release that the network wouldn't cut it, but they stuck it out and hoped it would get better to avoid doing the entire network rework (just a theory).

12-11-2017, 04:16 PM
Others have mentioned it here, but dedicated servers are just around the corner. That should help with some of the issues you're discussing. Timesnap is something we're still looking at. Since the arrival of dedicated servers will likely change how time snap works, there will be a delay on that one. We'll see what happens in terms of balance, but as always, any feedback you have regarding balance will be useful for the fight team so feel free to share those thoughts.

12-11-2017, 04:33 PM
Their custom version of a peer 2 peer network whereby players are maintaining the instance between all of them sounds great on paper. Much better than conventional p2p. Unfortunately in practice it failed to work and it took too long to get it to a respectble enough level like it is now.

I don't think servers will be this miracle cure served up in the holy grail that people think it will be. There will still be cases of lag and they will have the potential to be far more severe than anything we get with the current p2p depending on how many servers Ubi set up around the main regions of this game's playerbase. If you're in Austrailia for example you'd probably be even more f****d than now if you have to connect to a matchmaking server halfway across the world from you. Dropped connections will most probaly become much rarer but in return we will get "server maintenance" periods where none of us will be able access the game until the maintenance is over. Servers need maintenance, p2p does not. There's also the long term factor that when it comes time for Ubi to stop maintaining For Honor they will shut down the servers and the game will be gone for good. Unless die hard fans do a Jedi Outcast and buy their own server to keep it going for themselves.

Personally I'd have preffered that they polish their p2p architecture and get it running like a finely tuned machine but that option is no longer on the table.

12-11-2017, 05:04 PM
They went cheap on the netcode and they got what they deserved.
From beta to release and within a month they lost 90% of their playerbase.

Empty promises, soon™, getting more data, deal with it, etc. They work so slow that it's not worth the wait. 10 months have passed since release and the game is as awful as back then.