View Full Version : Your **** game is still not fixed. Such dishonesty.

12-10-2017, 03:24 PM
Yeah so, since season 4 launched, things are worst than they were.
Blocking is inconsistant, sometimes it works, sometimes attack just goes trough, same with parrys; and then the game tries to make you believe that you were in another stance lol but really he just changes it by him self.
Connection does everything. One time your are beast, able to parry everything. Sometimes everything seems super off. So you record and just realized attacks are going way faster than they should when rewatching the footage.

One day I'm in love with for honor, another day I just wanna throw my monitor trough my window.
Everything is inconsistent.

This is annoying as ****.
****ty Devs are too slow too fix anything and it's even worst considering the company dont allow them to do as many uptades as they like. Faction war probably is't rigged; but most content we got this year was simply already ready/almost ready to be released. Each char release just fits with factions winning, we got their name and playstyle during freaking season 1. Everything is planned and controlled.
Each season is an occasion to release an obviously OP char just so people want to play him and spend real money. All devs knew that Shaman was op this season but still released it; we got this info confirmed at Paris Games Week event.

Devs are just ****ing with us all day. Lag compensation should have been a top priority for the ****ing whole team before anything else.
Some char are still stupidly unbalanced since season 1.
Lawbringer is a freaking god tier annoying piece of ****. Able to turtle all game and spam a unpunishable 50/50 only by blocking, still, nothing is done about it.
The only relevant attack of a PK to open up a turtle (aka every player when they face a PK) is her zone; meanwhille her triple bleed stab got nerfed because of beta crying babys unable to cgb.
"Yeah but you know, 45 bleed damage is still too much, whether or not you can cgb" Yeah right, but I guess its okay for the cent to get you down to mid life and 1/4 stamina as soon as ur near a wall.
Warlord is still a turtle master. Unreactable 50/50 heabutt and strong full defense stance.
Orochi is cool but still has nothing more than top light and zone if he faces a turtle.
Valkyrie cant land 2 lights in a row as soon as you don't face a monkey, but still you deleted all sort of legit unlocks that made the char fun and somehow usefull at higher skill levels.
Berserker is same as orochi, he can't do **** against a turtle.
Warden only way to inflict damage is to spam her 50/50, still same as season 1.
Kensei rework is ready since a good amount of time now but still not released for some reason.
I don't know about Conq but I'll assume its the same.
Shaman tracking nerf and bug fixes couldn't get implemanted last time, but yet her stamina cancel cost on absolutely op 400ms/500ms attacks is the same, absolutely impossible to dodge on reaction, yet she can feint 30 of them in a row without any worries. Too bad she's op cuz her play style is damn funny.
Raider seems pretty balanced until he managed to pick you up on his back and for some reason completely devours your stamina and then starts his beautiful almost-50/50 zone spam fest.
Meanwhile shugoki, even tho some would say is pretty okay where he is now, still can't commit to parrys like others since he cant cancel his heavys fast enough to react to an eventual cancel.
Same goes for Nobushi, she's a 1vX queen and can be pretty strong when well played, but as soon as you go higher than mid platinium, any of your attacks starts getting parried on a regular basis. Also her stamina is a joke, especially on her hidden stance. Her retreat after block is also useless considering most char will track her down if they simply keep attacking.
Glad is clearly top tier and his an absolute monster as soon as internet issues occurs (aka everytime). Overall his kit is pretty cool and based around a lot of agressivity but GOD WHO THE **** IN THE DEV TEAM THOUGHT ABOUT HIS ZONE AND TOE STAB. He shouldn't be able to cancel the second part of his zone and his toes stab speed is ridiculous.
Highlander got a really funny gameplay even tho there are a lot of 50/50 in it. But for some reason he cant light parry a fast light if trown in another stance than he's in cuz its too slow; and his lights interrupts him. Clearly his lights should behave the same as heavy just like shugoki.
Shino is pretty good where he is. But the fact that 5 char of the roaster can't punish the kick at all is problematic.
Aramusha is ****. Not that he can't be viable, he's pretty much on the same level as orochi and berzerker; but his gameplay is ****. There is no lag compensation a yet you introduce a spamming like bs char. Also his gb should give a heavy.

Anyway, enough with this post.
Sorry if everything is deconstructed, I didn't really prepared much.
Just hope things are going to change.