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12-10-2017, 08:15 AM
So to begin my little story let me preface by mentioning I've played this game since release taking lengthy hiatus when balance drops to all time lows but find myself returning every few months with renewed enthusiasm. I sit at Rep 37 and have been trying to once again get back into the swing of things playing pretty strictly Duel as I have always done.

First match of the day after my Lvl 3 bot warmup against a Rep 28 Nobushi. I choose my Rep 3 Shugoki as he seems to be the character I would like to put some hours into this time around. End of match 0-3 me being completely demolished but still enjoying myself as learning is inevitably part of the process when coming back. My opponent wants a rematch and I readily accept again picking Shugoki but this time my opponent also picking Shugoki theirs being only Lvl 16. I'm rather tilted by this as in my experience when someone wins by landslide and then picks what you were using to try and beat you its an effort to humiliate you and 9/10 times the messages after have confirmed my suspicion. This time it is 3-0 in my favor with my opponent simply ending the match with "Wow". I switch to Kensei after we ready up as mirror matches can get somewhat boring this time with my opponent picking a Rep 3 Shaman.
They spend near enough the entire match charging me repeatedly for damage then using her superior feint game once I'd learned the timing of the charge. This round goes 0-3 in my opponents favor with a casual "Thanks" and them promptly leaving the lobby.

This has been the case for near enough every single match I've played since returning. Losing while I learn characters again but should I net a single win almost guaranteed the next fight will be against any character they are adept at abusing a mechanic of. This is not exclusive to Shaman I've also had far too many staring contests with pocket Centurions or had my foot stabbed to pieces by Gladiator over and over while eating to occasional zone when I again see a pattern. Playing people who actually main these characters are not even as much of a headache as the people who do this as at least then I learn what to look for when seeing their full kit utilized.

Maybe this a case of "Git Gud" on my part but honestly what in the hell happened to the community that now a single loss means "Well guess it's time to break out the meta". I've been around long enough to remember PK and Warden pre nerf a flavor of the month and even Centurion in his prime wasn't pulled near as often as I've seen since returning.

12-10-2017, 08:45 AM
Definitely not a "gut gud" thing. It's an adaptation thing. It's can be kind of annoying but you should use it motivate yourself to get better. Who cares what text they spam or if they're trying to humiliate you. It's all virtual so it really, truly, literally doesn't matter. Just ignore it and don't let the tilt get to you. You choose whether or not you get mad over a video game or not. That being said, we should all be happy that things like this happens. It means Ubi is investing in the game and is continuing to not only bring us new content, but to give us a bigger player base. They do a real good job at appealing to many different types of gamers. You're tilted he was able to break you open with the Shaman but he was absolutely livid that your baby Shugoki beat his rep 16. You're the badass in this scenario.

12-10-2017, 10:47 AM
I switch to Kensei after we ready up as mirror matches can get somewhat boring this time with my opponent picking a Rep 3 Shaman.
They spend near enough the entire match charging me repeatedly for damage then using her superior feint game once I'd learned the timing of the charge. This round goes 0-3 in my opponents favor with a casual "Thanks" and them promptly leaving the lobby.

That's pretty much par for the course when it comes to Shaman players.

12-10-2017, 05:20 PM
The game's community have changed a lot since the betas. I find Brawl and Duel are now more often than not populated by a lot of players that stake far too much importance and ego on winning at a video game. Thus they usually get pretty toxic with both their playstyle (resorting to ledging and cheese moves) and their chat messages when they can't get their "easy win". Flavour of the month characters that have easily abusable safe moves for free damage are par for the course for such players.

When the game was still new it felt like most people were having fun just using the fight system and weren't overly worried about their kill/death ratios. As time has gone on though the community has become much more obsessed with chesse moves and fostering bad feelings about perceived character imbalances. Maybe this is a common thing in purely PvP games, I don't know as I don't play that many purely PvP games.

12-10-2017, 07:07 PM
Yeah when that is the reasoning it is a pretty sucky one, on the other hand sometimes it is a matter of those the opponent is working on. I am a 4v4 player, I occasionally duel because otherwise I wind up sucking at defending a zone or tribute 1v1 which means that whether I win or lose, I will be going through maybe the character I am currently levelling then through my five general 4v4 picks which 1v1 are at varying tiers, so if my opponent wants a rematch, sure I will go for one but if I go from conqueror to peacekeeper, it isn't because I am going for a stronger character but because I use both in 4v4.

12-11-2017, 01:48 AM
I agree with Vakris_One. During its early days, For Honor was an awesome fresh experience for most of its playerbase, everyone just wanted to explore it, explore the combat, and above all, enjoy its unique combat system.

As time went on and people played more and more, and leveled more and more... self-entitlement starts settling in. Self-importance, self-complacency. Especially (and I cannot stress this enough), when it comes to reputation numbers, amount of cosmetics, and K/D tracking.

While these people play any game mode, they are more condensed in Duels and Brawls; because in Duels, it's a much safer bet for them to worry about only one enemy, and in Brawls, they often team up with someone else, and they won't hesitate to headless-chicken run, or gank. Because the win is all that matters. And these players are, as you said, adept at specific cheese mechanics. Because all they want is the win. They are still present in 4v4s, mostly Elimination, because they prefer to gank, they won't really challenge you 1v1.

On PC it used to be a far worse issue; such a player, when losing, could alt-tab several times in and out of For Honor's window, effectively crashing the game on both his and your end, and depriving you of your well-earned XP, Steel, and loot.
Concerning hero-switching; yes, most often when you see a mirror match following a previous match where you emerged the victor, they're most likely attempting humiliation, it's all about the impression they left on you, after the first match. And often when they switch to a Shaman while not being Shaman mains, it's because they want to land a win before they leave the lobby. Speak of 'leaving on a good note', except, the good note being only good to them. Because, they lost with their main, and must make up for that somehow.

Heck, it happened with me today in Brawl. I randomly joined a Nobushi main and we faced a premade duo, a Raider and a Warlord. They got steamrolled the first match. The Raider guy didn't like how adept I am at using Warden, and he picked Warden the second match. Me and the Nobuguy won 3-1. At that one match we lost, the premade duo spammed emotes over me. It was too obvious.
Similarly, I duelled a rep45 overall player today. He had Aramusha at rep1. He lost, changed to Orochi rep4. He lost again. Changed to Highlander rep24. He lost again, left the lobby. I then knew Highlander was his main; but I gotta give him credit as he didn't try and pick Shaman after that. That, was leaving on a good note. No angry messages, no hatemails, no quitting mid-match, no forfeits; he accepted it and left, though I would have loved a rematch because he was damn good with the Highlander. He wasn't cheesy or anything. And to me, he was simply trying to beat me with Aramusha and Orochi before using his main, he was clearly training with Aramusha and Orochi, as Candle pointed out, probably for 4v4 situations.

It's definitely not a 'git gud' situation; more and more angry and self-entitled players are playing For Honor. It's all training to you anyway. It does not matter whether you win or lose. All that matters is becoming a better fighter than the one you were yesterday. Don't let all those cosmetics and that nice rep80 number tag next to your name affect you; it's a game.