View Full Version : I climbed up Denali (and other peaks) by foot, and recorded it all.

12-09-2017, 11:24 PM
I'm producing a series of film-documentaries chronicling my epic summits up and through major peaks in Steep. I love this game and it's breath-taking depth and breadth of the environment. It was made to be discovered and explored - and so that's just what I did.

Here's a video showing my nearly 3 hour (post-production) journey up Denali. I also have other old footage from earlier climbs that I re-uploaded onto a single channel:


I hope you guys enjoy. And I'm always looking for brave and adventurous people to join me on my journeys as I'm always trying different routes up the mountains. I'm on Xbox One, so if you're interested in being featured in any upcoming documentaries, send me a PM!