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12-08-2017, 10:24 PM
Can someone please explain to me why it's literally easier to parry the Valkyrie's light attacks than the Aramusha's? Because it is.

12-08-2017, 10:42 PM
Valkyrie belongs in the OG roster, Aramusha is the most recent addition. I think, the OG roster have different tracking values and stagger limits. Aramusha probably causes a bit more stagger on each hit, and his attacks have better tracking. All the more why assassins have that much trouble blocking Aramusha, because if you add reflex guard in the equation, it becomes pretty difficult to block his lights. Hence why he's the Bane of Assassins. Similarly, he'll be a bit more complex to parry than any of the OG cast, simply because of his higher stagger and better tracking.

I like to think the OG roster were based on a previous animation base model, complete with hitboxes, tracking values, and other attributes such as physics, stagger, cloth effects... basically, a toolkit that allows interaction of these heroes with the physical environment in-game, and follow the rules of the game mechanics. For the S4 heroes, a new animation base model was developed for the Aramusha and Shaman. With improved physics, tracking, hitboxes, collision effects, cloth effects...

If you ask me, I think much of the reworks being done on the OG cast, are about updating them onto the newer base animation model, which became the new benchmark on which they are now basing a new standard to follow in For Honor. And that means we're likely to get faster heroes in general, who have better attack tracking and improved response times.

12-09-2017, 05:38 AM
Because Aramushas lights are faster? Simple answer.

I believe that Valks first light, from top and side is 500ms, with the following lights been slower.
Aramusha, his first light is 500ms and every following light is 400ms. Time snap obviously plays around with these numbers, but Aramusha is the faster striker. His lights are also not as telegraphed as Valks are, and it's far easier to react and predict a Valkyries light attacks than Aramusha.