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GMG Peter
12-08-2017, 08:12 PM
Hi everyone!

I was wondering about your thoughts on this guys.

My point of view is that everyone loved double XP events. I loved them for sure.

But this extra loot looks very useless to me. On double XP you had double XP from every match. In this case you get "extra loot" in like 1 of 4, maybe 3 matches..

That would be good enough still, but all I got is almost exclusively crap gear. So only outcome of the extra loot weekend is that I will have even more of salvage. 🆒 I already have like 300k worthless salvage.
Few months ago someone from mods here replied to a thread about salvage saying that the devs know about it and will add more options to use salvage in the game.

I have one idea for salvage here🤔
- let us buy colors, patterns and embossings with salvage. Don't make it cheap, but don't make it too uncomfortable.. Like 50-100K salvage per item (colour etc) yes we wouldn't need reps to unlock those but...does anyone care? I think not. It would give salvage a purpose at no cost to the devs.

I also agree that there are more pressing problems atm. But this looks like an easy step to me. Like something nice to add to next shiny patch notes from the devs, that wouldn't take them much time to spend.

And of course, if you have a better idea, share with us.

See you on the battlefield!

12-08-2017, 08:26 PM
Good catch. I certainly liked the Double XP event more, as it allowed for powerleveling during one single weekend.

I view the Extra Loot event as a doubled opportunity to loot up all needed gear styles so that I can finally complete my fashion on all three loadouts of my main hero, with being allowed more loot per match and hence completing my humble errand a bit more quickly.

However I tend to stick to Duels and Brawls, so I'm not sure how exactly this Extra Loot event will benefit players like me. I certainly won't spend most of my time in Dominion because I enjoy doing 1v1s a lot more. Add to that, the rampant connectivity issues which will, more than likely, force me into PvAI duels about 4 out of 10 times. And in PvAI, the loot is even less.

Concerning Salvage, I sure hope the devs implement a way to make Salvage much more useful, and I like the idea of making engravings/embossings and colors purchasable with Salvage, rather than having to wait till rep30+ to unlock that engraving here and that color there.

Also, numerous people, including me, weren't able to get the rewards from Seasons 2 and 3, in my case I wasn't here, I only started For Honor early November and by then I wasn't ready to complete a Hero Tier Tournament which was required to unlock a color I so dearly wanted. By the time I was ready, by end of November, I checked the colors again to find out that specific color was gone. It would be nice if they made the Season 2 and Season 3 rewards available to acquire with Salvage.

Additionally, I think Salvage should be the sole 'currency' needed for Change Look and upgrades; seeing as we need Steel for various other things. And Change Look is already expensive at Legendary Tier (500 Steel per Change Look). As you said, you always feel uncomfortable spending all that hard-earned Steel on such little things.

While the upcoming event is Extra Loot, I think saving up more extra Salvage will be useful for later, at least. When changes to Salvage use will be done.

It would be nice if they give this a fresh look; however they're currently hands full with reworks and rebalances, as well as setting up the servers. I'm looking forward to this, honestly.

GMG Peter
12-08-2017, 08:53 PM
"Additionally, I think Salvage should be the sole 'currency' needed for Change Look and upgrades; seeing as we need Steel for various other things."

This 👍🏼 I know I did forgot to mention something I saw somewhere before. Also a very cool idea.
Also i didn't mean to bash over the fact we still actually get improvements(soon lol) and those little things like double weekends. It's a good message saying we still care about you players out there. :)

Fady117: yeah I noticed your activity on the forum lately and it's good to see some reasonable people coming in to enjoy the game despite it's still present problems. So welcome:) I must admit that I was pissed of so many times at this game that I almost went full ****** mode in my room wanting to throw controller through the TV 😂 but still.. I love it and play it everyday at least for a while. Love to see how I get better everyday. And so much looking forward to dedicated servers thing happen 👀

12-08-2017, 09:06 PM
I agree with everything you say extra loot is a useless event il bet most of the community couldnt care less. If it was extra loot and double steel gain that might be something. As of now double xp is the only event worth getting excited about as the grind in this game is real. The change look for salvage has been mentioned before. This plus the insane pricetags on emotes, effects, executions, etc are attempts at cash grabs. Not bad IMO especially since they bumped order payout, you know what youre getting and its all cosmetic. Cant say the same for some other games 🙄

12-08-2017, 09:13 PM
Fady117: yeah I noticed your activity on the forum lately and it's good to see some reasonable people coming in to enjoy the game despite it's still present problems. So welcome:)

Why thank you! I am most humbled to know I'm being helpful on these forums. Nothing pleases me more than knowing I've benefited others here in help, suggestions, and advice. Actually, I only surfaced on the forum after I downloaded patch 1.15, back in November 21st. Patch 1.15 brought along tons of issues and bugs, which then made me jump on the forum to see what I had missed. Thought I'd also help others, and provide suggestions for the betterment of For Honor, along the ride. :)

And yeah I get you, the devs might be hands full right now but don't worry, your original post is a legit issue that will hopefully be addressed later, after they're done with much of what's keeping them occupied currently.

And yeah I relate with the anger thing. It's not worth it, honestly. If anything, the one time I really got mad in For Honor was after I got DC'ed like 5 times in a row from matches because of connectivity issues and players bailing out mid-match, loosing XP and Steel in the process, and back then I was also still in the process of finishing an order (forgot what the order was about). But other than that, it's not worth going angry at all.

I love For Honor, and I sure hope to see it fully bloom into a much better-structured game, backed with solid, resilient and reliable connectivity, and most of all.... a more accepting and more welcoming playerbase. But that last one is probably a pipe dream haha.

12-08-2017, 09:43 PM
YES! Salvage should be used more for unlocking certain things. The suggestion for changing looks and upgrading gear makes perfect sense. I would have changed the look of many things had it been free of steel to do so. I also have an overabundance of salvage that is not being used.

12-08-2017, 09:48 PM
Personally, I'm working on three rep 7 projects and the the extra loot it is pretty good. My conqueror and kensei need all the help they can get. Although, I would still prefer extra exp rather than gear. But I'm more than willing to settle for gear until then.

12-09-2017, 03:27 AM
Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, GMG Peter! Because this is our first run at hosting Extra XP Fest, we are definitely keen to hear player feedback. Regarding salvage, the team is still investigating and testing additional uses for it. They're well aware that many players have large stockpiles of it and would like alternative ways to use it. Although we don't have details on what additional ways salvage may be used, I will be sure to inquire with the team to see if we can get a progress update on when we might be able to.

12-09-2017, 03:48 AM
The extra loot should have been after every match as it is now its basically champ status without spending steel for it.
1 piece of extra loot every 5-6 matches in PvAi is an absolute joke your extra loot event is a MASSIVE FAIL not anywere good enough to keep interest.
Who decided that an RNG event was a great idea?
Did anyone even test the extra loot drops before it was implemented?
Congratulations on letting the players down yet again you got that down to a fine art.

12-09-2017, 05:13 AM
There has been several new players to join recently so they could have use for the gear. I have been playing since beta so I don't need the gear. I need steel so I'd rather have extra steel event instead. The extra loot gets destroyed for useless salvage. As was stated in previous posts to use salvage would be good. Anything would be better than now. It doesn't need investigating. Salvage use has been a problem since about the start of S2. This dev team has to be the slowest in the world or lazy.

12-09-2017, 06:44 PM
Extra loot is pointless, I thought we were getting more loot including steel per match, not so. Just a ton more salvage, hopefully it's the last time they waste an event on this.

12-09-2017, 07:53 PM
I second that salvage should be the only currency used for changing looks. It would also be nice with a feature that let you spend some salvage in order to "send a model" to your "Armory". The armory will hold all models you decide to keep this way, if you would like to change look to that item again.

12-11-2017, 10:33 PM
Update 12/11/2017, post-extra loot fest:

- The extra loot factor was in itself RNG-based, not every match will yield an extra loot (marked with a special green icon). It's roughly 2 out of 5 matches (PvP).

- In PvAI, a lot of matches were still "no loot found".

Conclusion: I do agree that the 'Extra Loot' should have been implemented per-match, meaning that after every single match, there are two guaranteed loot pieces no matter what, whether PvP or PvAI. It had a rather low-to-mediocre chance of activating in PvAI, and somewhat average chance in PvP. And even then, it nets the same RNG loot generation as the normal loot system, instead of, say, rewarding you with gear that has very good stats.

While I do agree that newcoming players could make use of the extra loot, I don't think it meant much in overall; newcomers would have been better off having a Double XP event. And the already present players and veterans certainly found little-to-no use of this event. In my own personal case, I received two gear pieces that I had been waiting on, via Extra Loot. It sorta helped, but then again, that was pretty much the extent to how helpful this event was.