View Full Version : I really canít figure out this game

12-08-2017, 07:04 AM
Why is it when I play Dougie, any of them, they can drop a card and kill him before he can land a hit, but if I attempt the same Dougie always land a hit?

Why is it that when I get an assassin close to their kid, they drop an assassin to defend, their assassin attacks first and I die, but when I do the same their assassin still attacks first, kills my defender, then my kid?

Why is it that when I play a tank and back it up with other units, my tank gets demolished then all my units go down, but when they do the same thing their tank survives the assault with half health still?

12-08-2017, 05:13 PM
I know the feeling, it does seem unfair sometimes. It can be because of lag and such things, but also attack speed is important. Some cards attack faster and win over others

12-13-2017, 08:25 AM
I just found out some cards get more speed as they level up the hard way.
Also you can cast characters in between fights just after your characters hits and the enemy will go all the way around to hit the older one.
hope it helps.