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12-07-2017, 10:25 PM
Hi guys, Im pretty new here, Im very exited for BGE2 and I just wish this game become whatever Michael Ancel have in his mind.
Im French so you might notice my english isn't perfect but i'll try my best!

I have some concerns regarding the current status of the industry and I am able to understand why gamers are pissed and why editors have some pressure on the other hand.
First off, I have a huge admiration for Michael Ancel and I beleive he is the best game producer outside Japan.

The current trend in the industry is to include microtransaction and focus the games into online competition and constantly promoting paid elements and most gamers dont really like these practises. The best example is GTA V and the cancellation of single player DLC in order to focus on online mode. I strongly beleive this was not what GTA producer's idea.We heard Ubisoft had a couple struggles on the business side (im not gonna talk about that) so that means the company has a little more pressure than it should have.

When watching the Space Monkey report stream I was very happy to see that Michael said that you could play the whole game offline (so that it would be a solo game, lets just say it like that) but then I got a little worried. Personally, I was very impressed about the DNA textures, when it was first said before the demo, I was thinking "that must be ****ing hard to code and they'll never be able to do that..." and then they just showed the textures responsing to various DNA, I was literally shocked and suprised, good job to he amazing devs !

I dont expect the game to be out before 2020 and probably it will be out on next gen console but I am totally fine with it. Im hyped but I prefer that ubisoft take needed time (see botw) than release a game thats not ready, this is why I trust Michael (but im a little afraid of the money people..).
If Ubisoft manage to release a finished solo (based) game with no microtransactions that would win all imaginable awards, it would make a huge mess in the whole gaming world and literally bring heaven to gamers.

That being said, we need to talk numbers a little and I would like to help Ubisoft to find a way to bring the Best Game Ever to gamers and let Michel express himself completely without haiving to worry about financial "problems".
I will list a few ideas I had about how gamers could pay the game so we can start a discussion and maybe enlight the dream team working on BGE2.

- All included in the box but higher price (Only "standard" edition and then collector only with extra stuff in the box but nothing in software ) (100, 200 for base game !?)
- Cosmetic only microtransaction : ex. Spaceship cannot be bought using real money, only extra stickers or paints..
- Free to play with microtransactions to get any cool stuff but base experience is still pretty good (the worse one imo..)
- Game is 60$ and a 50$ season pass for content that would come after release (so then earlier release than the final game...)
- Game is 60 and include everything with no microtransaction (if its the best game, it will sell a lot and will get extra love from gamers for not following trend so it will sell even more..)

In my opinion, I think the first one is the best one, you pay a little extra but you at least have everything and you never get the feeling of guilt when just buying "standard" edition and you can completely enjoy the best game ever..

Some facts :
- Since EA's mess with Star Wars, gamers lost trust and confidence in many companies like Activision, TakeTwo and ofcourse EA. Problem is they still earn like crazy but by the time BGE2 is out, things will change (we dont know how..). Even Red Dead 2 with announcment of microtransaction made me pretty sad and pissed, its not like if they are loosing money with so many millions of copy sold.. (But thats the whole money people big problem.)

- Gamers opinion matters : As you can see, EA sales are lower than expectations with Need For Spped and Star Wars which are amazing games but gamers just wont accept this and I think its pretty fair. Games cost more to make but if you really look at the numbers, we can see that its covered by far most of the times. Nintendo is not loosing money when releasing Mario or Zelda... even Hellblade is now profitable and sells cheaper than other AAA games !

I'm sorry if this post looks like a big mess but I somehow try to show my worries about financial aspect of the game. I know we are still in early developement stage but usually these things affects the game developement as well so we kind of have to consider it. I know its a very taboo topic since Michael's team might have a completely different opinion that Ubisoft head even though they are really close so no one can really talk about it but I think the best way to deal with this is to talk about it early in progress with the community (which is something that have never been done before) but I think we need to take this pretty seriously if you are planning to make the Best Game Ever.

01-04-2018, 01:06 PM
No one wants to discuss this topic ? :P

01-04-2018, 04:29 PM
Too early to talk about profit.

01-04-2018, 07:16 PM
Indeed too early.
We would need to have a base of how much content we have here.