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12-07-2017, 09:20 PM
Hi im a ship engineer and Previous sailor

And here is my thoughts on Ship design layout. And also Upgrade system That could be featured the game.

I will be focusing on the Mother ship layout

Sorry for any spelling errors and lack of structure.

__Main interior spaces__

I feel the mother ship should have the following spaces like ships that we have on the oceans today.


Crew quarters for sleeping

Captains Cabin

Docking bay for all the smaller vessels

Engine/generator room

Cargo hold( might be included in the docking bay)

Smuggling rooms

Cabins for quest related Guests or Passengers

Docking hatches with pressure chamber for other mother ships or when visiting certain spaceports

__More in depth about each Section of the ship__

Bridge: Should feature Star map mission planning screen, where u could select quests and such.
Should have seating for Captain,Navigator,Chief engineer,Combat systems officer.

Canteen/bar: Should have this like classical bar feel too it, U could have some vendors or quest givers here. And maybe visitors from The ports you are in also.
And it should have a Mini game or two on arcade machines. This would be a good place to have the adjustment of gear and weapons for the crew instead of Hawing a separate armory for this. Should also feature a sound system, Where u can select what u want to listen to while in the room. And entertainment for the crew. Another thing is food and Drinks. Certain memorabilia features could be added to the room, after special quests and such have been done.

Crew quarters: On most ships this is done with Separate cabins these days with maximum 4-6 people. But since this is a spaceship and space and mass is usually limited, i feel the classical Navy layout of one big room with alot of Bunks and some lockers is more logical. And the different crew members could have some Original styling inside theirs bunks and lockers relating to that character.

Captains cabin: should be a pretty good sized luxurious room with windows so that u can look out at the stars or the port your in. could be done with a tv screen for safety reasons too. It should have Office and small living room in one. And separate sleeping area and separate bathroom. As with the canteen/Bar this room should also have spaces for customization. Where u can put in memorabilia from Completed quests and such. It could also be a good place to have an interface with the opportunity to watch previous cut scenes and Replay quests and such. u Could also Manage the economics of running the ship here if that will be a thing. Certain people could also meet u in your cabin when getting or completing certain quests. storage for personal weapons and gear and possibility to change these here.

Docking bay: a space where u store several smaller ships, and Potentially cargo. Also has Maintenance. And refueling systems for the smaller ships. U can upgrade or customize the smaller ships here. And also maybe have visits by other small ships, That dont belong to you quest related or Friends. Storage for personal weapons and gear and possibility to change these here(preferably linked with the captains cabin storage).

Engine/generator room: Here u have the main generators- engines that Gives energy to the Mother ship. Smaller upgrades and tweaks to the mother ships performance Engines/weapons can be done here. And u can have the Chief Engineer to be here, when your not on the bridge. To give ship technical requested tasks. And Dialogue and also order Major Parts and overhauls Plus customization. That can only be applied to the Mother ship in Proper Dry docks a few select places in the game.

Cargo hold: if not included the docking bay. Space for cargo and spare parts for the Ships.

Smuggling rooms: If smuggling will be thing u could have secret hidden rooms. Both small and large hidden throughout the other rooms that i have mentioned on the Mother ship.

Cabins for quest related Guests or Passengers: should be 1 or two cabins Half the size of the captains cabin for this.

Docking hatches with pressure chamber for other mother ships or when visiting certain spaceports.

Good examples of games that include similar thing that have been released before.

The mass effect Games: ship name Normandy SR-2

Starcraft 2 Wings of liberty: Ship Name Hyperion

Star wars The old republic mmo: ship Name several Player Ships 1 for each class

And that is my thoughts for the Mother ship Layout hope u like it.

12-08-2017, 04:39 PM
Woh! It's really nice to read from a professional point of view. I really hope the dev team will try to meet with people that actually worked in some fields to gather information and build a fair and realistic world. Like ship engineers like you, or maybe historian specialized in the pirate erea and so on!

About your subject, I've noticed you didn't talked about the space ships made in Star Citizen, check it out, it's gonna amazed you! Every one of them is designed as if it could actually work! So all of them have a space to sleep, to put your cargo.. I also hope they're gonna think the designs like that, but I not worried about it!

12-08-2017, 11:30 PM
Thanks for your reply i did think abit about Star citizen too. And i have seen most of their designs. And they are doing it very well. But i left it out since it isn't Really a completed game yet.