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12-07-2017, 12:31 PM
Hello Annoholics,

as announced in todays Anno Union Post (https://www.anno-union.com/en/interview-with-the-illustrious-artur-gasparov/), this is the place to post your stories!

A reminder:

We want your take on the big Anno Union NPC vote, written in the role of the governor of your own island paradise. Whether it is a personal role-play style letter, your own newspaper article or even a whole story about how you perceived and react to the results of the election, we leave it to your imagination and creativity!

The contest begins today and will end January 15th. At the end of the vote, we will pick the best three entries by early February. The form, length and whether you want to support it with some visual assets is entirely up to you.

Enjoy writing, Wordsmiths!

12-11-2017, 01:06 PM
The Anno Chronicles

published 11. december 1850 by Ptit_Pois45

Speech transcribed by my secretary:
The transcontinental german company is a big company of international renown directed by an iron hand by its owner: me, Adolf von dietrichstein.
After the creation of the Orient-Express linking Paris, Vienna, Venice and Istanbul We embark on a fabulous enterprise that is the creation of a gigantic metropolis on the Anno Islands. Making it richer than the Silk Road, more prestigious than the French Empire, more developed than any European industrial power. Inspired by the technological advances of its country of origin (Prussia), we will be able to compete militarily with our direct competitor. An arsenal of coastal battery, an armada defying the limits of the imagination and if it is necessary, our bravery in combat, That is what awaits those who dare to dive us.

The immense furnace, the infernal foundry, the immense warehouses straight out of the imagination of a visionary will finally be able to take shape.
My plan: to conquer all the Anno archipelago, to put the native cowards under my boot will finally be realized thanks to the financing of the Anno devellopper and the monstrous power of my railway company. If someone dares to block the road he will be swept away like a crumb of bread

When I saw the island on which I was going to manage my metropolis, a bucolic vision of the city in a few months was offered to me: rows of snow-covered roofs, snow-covered paved streets, warm lights that came out of the windows filled my heart with nostalgia

It's time to stop dreaming and create our dreams. Do not be afraid of the future, write the future.
to finish on a softer note, merry christmas!

12-11-2017, 03:55 PM
Foolish is he who fights his way to victory. Foolish is he who progresses at the cost of others. Dear people, let us not be fooled that war is the way to victory! The world does not need more sorrow and pain. Death and destruction are the main consequences of war. And the gain? Some land? More power? A feared name? All that in return for all the lives that were taken and the money that was lost? The world is in a crying need for peace! The world should not be a casualty and subject of our greed and selfishness. No, let us have peace. Let us build an empire so great and famous and all that without war, that people will see that the ultimate path to domination is not violence, but trade and cooperation.
And I can do that. I can expand our kingdom to an empire, through peace and friendship. I will bring trade and build our industry. I will make sure that the recent advances in technology will be put to good use. Those are the means we will use to grow, to prosper. I will bring prosperity and wealth, a good life for everyone. A good life, which is why we are on this earth. To live, to prosper, to enjoy all that for which we have worked. Not to fight, not to die in the name of greed and power. Wise is he, who sees that peace leads to prosperity, who sees that war leads to sorrow and who sees that I will make that happen!
~ [insert name here], started as a director of an industrial tradecompany, wants to be peaceful and focus fully on industry and citybuilding.
(An older and wise looking man)

12-21-2017, 12:32 AM
First, sorry for the faults, my english is not the best ^^'

The sun was laying down on the little island, illuminating the roofs of houses and the chimneys of factories.I was looking this beautiful show, but my look did not hanging on the light, that I so well liked looking to relax me. Standing in the window, my index finger was knocking the glass with a furious rythm, while my other hand was caressing my goatee.Somebody knocked at the door behind me, and I ordered to enter. I knew it was Suzanne, my secretary. A woman a bit plum, middle-aged and some grey hairs. She followed my father in the construction of his company, bringing an invaluable help, and sshe was doing the same for me. One day, she told me we was the family she always dreamed to have, her husband died at sea, no children, and parents dead due to a disease.She would be greatly missed when she would leave.
- I...I suppose you already read the newspaper ? she says with a little voice.
- Of course, I already read it ! I said with an acid tone.
A little silence. I was wure Suzanne was trying to know what to do know.
- I am sorry for you. You worked really hard for this campaign...
- We worked hard, Suzanne, not only me. But yes, all of the work destroyed by this...this visionary's scarcrow !
Furious, I sat on my chair, turning my back at the last colors of the day.
- I am sure there is bribes behind this election, it could not be otherwise ! How this crank could take the first place with his ideas ? This man is just full of himself and sectarian ! I wrote a letter to the comission who manage it, and they rejected my ask for an investigation, of course. They areall more rotten than the others !
My rage did not want to calm down. More I was yelling, more I wanted to yell. My index finger begin to move alone, knocking furiously on my oak's desk.
- Who knows, maybe it could be an advantage, to lose this election ? Gasparov will be in the spotlights, I will not be able to do something without it will be know. And us, we will just keep moving, getting bigger and bigger. We will maybe lose investors, who will prefer be with this man, but we could face it, as everytime !
I felt the hope in her voice. She did not like to seeing me like this, and she was trying to make me smile.
- You are certainly right, so, we must plan the fall-out and plan an exit plan. If you could bring me something strong, you will pleased me.This Gasparov will heard about us, and at this moment, we will crush him like an ant !
Suzanne had a big smile.
- And I can say his face is really bad on this picture. If it is his best feature, for an artist, we already see really better ! she says while she was leaving the room, making me smile.

12-29-2017, 01:30 PM

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01-09-2018, 07:35 AM
My Dearest Clara,

I have never written such a difficult letter. While my excitement wants to paint in words a magnificent image to seduce your mind with the wonders that I have seen, my heart aches to think of you all alone, reading of my adventures and not experiencing them by my side. It has been a long few years since I last held you.

We have found it though! The most spectacular island you can imagine. I write to you as I let my feet dangle into the cold water off the small dock we have built. The fisherman just off the coast line is graciously throwing his net into the sea and catching us the largest fish I have ever seen for tonight’s feast. As I watch the horizon, the waves continue rolling towards me and I can wish for nothing more than for them to deliver you to me.

My love… how it pains me to tell you and not be able to hold you close and catch your tears. Your dearest Uncle James, our fearless governor, has passed away. I held his hand as he spoke his last words. He has passed the leadership to me. He wants us to keep fighting and never forget what we have sacrificed and already worked so hard for. I am thankful we had found this island before he became sick and he was able to share his dream with all of us. While grieving the loss of such a leader, we quickly became lost in his vision and are working feverishly to bring this island to life. I never realized how much I had learned from him without it even feeling like I was being taught. He was truly a remarkable man and one your family can be proud of and a man all others should strive to be like. I will never give up on his dream.

We received word from a passing merchant ship that a new governor, one Mr. Artur Gasparov, has been elected to take control of land not far from us. The merchant’s words spoke of a man so obsessed with his own admiration and longing for attention that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His people are nothing but pawns that work endlessly towards his eclecticism.

This man sounds an awful lot like the reason we decided to leave the only homes our families have known for generations. We will be keeping a close eye on him and his attempts to reign over this region. I will be dammed if we dug out of a harsh winter, fought off all that this land could throw at us and survived under the smallest of rations while we started constructing the very town you will eventually call home… only to be influenced by someone that doesn’t share our desire to balance our lives with nature and all others around.

As we watch the town slowly take shape around us, I fear we cannot run again from what we find undesirable in this world. If Mr. Gasparov is going to challenge our way of life, we are going to show him first hand what we stand for. So, with the first land now tilled, the livestock maturing and houses awaiting families to make them homes, I am writing to you that now is the time. Pack your bags, gather all of our family, friends and any others that are ready to live and work towards something special.

The ship awaits you in the harbour. I cannot wait to see you step off the boat and into this new world we have created for you. Safe travels my love.
With all my heart,

01-12-2018, 05:53 PM

Oh, dear.


Look at those cheekbones. I could cut my hands holding them and I wouldn't even mind it. We've only gotten older but he certainly hasn't lost his beauty, that waving hair, that fierce nose, those eyes--if knowledge had a colour, it would be the colour of those telling eyes. God, I remember kissing the small dimples in his cheeks as if he only a few moments ago stepped out of my bed to get a cup of coffee…

He didn't, obviously, in fact, I haven't seen him for some time now. However, upon finding his picture in the newspaper, his interviews and editorials, I could not help but think back to the times when he was still my darling and not that of this ghastly establishment. When our bodies together was the finest piece of architectural eclecticism in the whole universe, always caring to elaborate if you get what I mean. We were in thrall to each other, brilliant from our brains to our young bloody--well, let's keep it decent for today, we're still in France, after all.

When I see my children together, they remind me of us in our golden years. Not of us during our nights, of course, don't be foolish, but during our days we were just like them: discussing and plotting every moment we did not have to study. I've got a boy and a girl, eleven-year-old twins as a matter of fact, and they're free to do whatever they want--preposterous, people said, their mother already died in childbirth so they need every education they can get, people said, but just like I expected they are the most intelligent and cunning children I know of, learning things that are actually useful, and constantly developing plans, tricks and ideas. Some call me an anarchist but more and more are realizing that I am the real visionary here.

That's why I wanted the governorship: to create a utopia for my children, a world where everyone could be free to pursue their dreams without restrictions and paternalizing rules. Artur knows nothing of building cities--he might be brilliant, but he is an artist with numbers, not with people; I'm the one who studied politics, for God's sake, and he studied everything but. Well, it doesn't matter, it was just a formality anyway. I might not be the official governor, but that doesn't stop me from taking my children and still sailing out. Old Northburgh offered me a ship and I'll take it; I trust the man, even though he looks like he is 400 years old. I'll defy Artur, show him how foolish it was of him to turn me down, to call our relationship unsustainable, to think that our future would jeopardize his. If he taught me anything, it is that one must not be attached, one must be free in every single way. "One must be a vision", he says, so here I am, ready to cast his elegy in fire, to weather him away like a church gargoyle, to sweep his heritage under my cheap German rug. I will not be second place any longer.

To rebellion. To freedom!

Dr Hugo Mercier

Obviously, the character of Dr Mercier and the picture of Artur Gasparov are created not by me but by the Anno 1800 dev team, so full credits to them. For the ones that don't remember: Dr Mercier was one of the five NPCs in the vote, and got second place, after Gasparov. Thanks for creating this contest, I had great fun in writing this! --Rayo

01-12-2018, 08:51 PM
The history of the iruet empire

First letter

Anno city 9868186,

My dear inhabitants,

Today unfortuanat news reached my ears and as your emperor it's my job to make this news public. As you might know, our well beloved imperial families paid for expeditions into the unknown. Some of our pioneers were sent on this adventure by me. They came across loads of islands and we have made several alliances. Some of the pioneers stayed on the unlived islands, they will make sure our empire grows to the big proportions we need it to be! Since we also came across some violent settlers, we are currently at war ;(

We need soldiers, every man able to carry a gun has to fight for the empire!

iruet - Your emperor

Second letter

Anno city 9868186,

My dear inhabitants,

Happy news today! Our soldiers returned from war! We won the war, but unfortuanatly many of our beloved citizens will never return to this island. Out of the 2837091 people send to war, I am happy to report that 2821302 have returned to the save grounds of this empire. All people which lost their husband/son/grandson/father will receive a personal letter which confirms this person has died in the war. But for now: Take your flags and let them decorate the islands and your houses.

Your beloved emperor,

Third letter

Anno city 9868186,

My dear inhabitants,

I am getting to old now, my son, iruet II will take over. I hope you treasure him as much as you treasured me! As soon as this letter reaches you, my son has taken over the overall control, I am already retired when sending this.

Your beloved former emperor,

Fourth letter

Anno city 9868186,

My dear inhabitants,

After succesfully taking over the empire from my dad, iruet, a meesage has reached me that there is a group planning a coupe on me, your emperor. To prevent this I want all man to take the weapons and fight the people that want me dead! I will give all support and anyone will be able to live their regular lives again when this has finished!

Your emperor,
iruet II

Fifth and last letter

Anno city 9868186,

My dear inhabitants,

Since my granddad was killed, we haven't had any time to send letters to you, our inhabitants, because we were at constant war. Today is the day that I have to inform you that we have lost the war... And as such the new king has decided to hang me tomorrow at noon. Please make sure to burn this letter when you receive it, because it's illegal to keep any of the letters from the members from the iruet empire...

Your former emperor,
iruet IV

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01-15-2018, 03:51 PM
Hello Annoholics,

thank you for your participation.

As Ubi-05 mentioned in the beginning, the first (1st) Anno Union Story Contest comes to an end today.
The Anno Team will review all entries in the coming days and announce the winners in early February.

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