View Full Version : Aramusha

12-05-2017, 06:21 AM
Who thought giving a passive feat that makes you unable to be tossed onto the ground even while the opposing player has revenge active and they actually get a parry off on the insanely fast light spam? That is such a powerful feat that is way better thean anything else in the game. If you had to activate it and it last for a short time then sure thats understandable but as of now that is such an overpower feat. Also does that feat make aramusha unable to be tossed into a wall too? Every match i play has at least one aramusha in it and it doesnt seem like you can stun them by throwing into walls.

12-05-2017, 03:39 PM
Yeah that's the real issue with Aramusha; his Rocksteady feat. The devs are already aware of it, I sure hope that feat gets looked at without too much wait.

12-05-2017, 04:11 PM
It's ridiculous. I've lost several 2v1s (me being 1) because aramusha doesn't get staggered when I parry/activate revenge. And he can parry so easily, and he has assassin-speed attacks and an absurd light spam chain.

The DLC characters are given so much more than the initial roster. The devs deserve a nerf.