View Full Version : When developers gonna fix moonwalk suicide issue?

12-05-2017, 12:09 AM
This became very frustrating for me. Itís important moment in the match you are fighting then your hero decides to do moonwalk suicide. Yes we play to have fun but we want to win but not get stressed coz game doesnít work the way itís supposed to be.

We donít want to hear ďoh we let the team knowĒ rubbish anymore. We want solid answers. When is this going to get fixed? It was working before so clearly they broke it themselves. People pay a lot of money for this game. It became extremely frustrating. I just kicked out just before the end of the match as well. More than half of the time I canít finish the matches one way or another. This is very embarrassing for Ubisoft.

12-05-2017, 02:06 AM
They're already aware of this issue, dubbed environmental vortex here on several threads. I, too, hope it will get fixed real soon. It's extremely annoying.

Note that it mostly happens if you're near a ledge/hazard and you eat a kick/punch/bash/shove/throw/stagger. Basically, if your character is in recovery animation and that animation was triggered with a ledge/hazard nearby. The ledge/hazard's (bugged) detection would read your character as navigating towards it and hence will force your character into it because it calculated that your character must be placed there. Then the game registers a death.

It is avoidable by spamming forward dash or running away from ledge/hazard before collision happens, and others also pointed out by unlocking target and changing camera angle.

It is very annoying, and I hope this gets fixed soon.