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Im Ces012
12-04-2017, 10:41 PM
Jesus Ubisoft get this crap fixed. Ill go weeks without gettig DC'ed then out of nowhere it will go days where I cant even play a single dam game. This is ridiculous the year is almost over and this crap has not been fixed. You roll out more content than you do improvements on this how does that even anything out?You can have so much content,but what is the use of having all of that when some people cant even stay in a game for the whole game?When I want to play the game sometimes I cant because hey 8 out 10 matches will get DC'ed how am I supposed to enjoy a "finished game" in that state?Just get it fixed move everything else aside and focus on fixing this dam connection. No one can complain about character unbalances when you cant stay in a game long enough to even see them.