View Full Version : Revamp leveling system.

12-04-2017, 01:19 PM
Currently one of the most frustrating things for me is leveling system.

Since everyone knows how gruelsome it is to level up character to pick up the best gear, why not revamp the system to look more like in League of Legends?

1. Make general account level (not based on character level) that would allow you to purchase gear for each separate character - that would very much improve playability of various heros - not just one tricks - in turn make item acquisition slightly harder

2. Current rep of individual characters could only give new colour customisartions and new outfits.

This essentially means that the more you play in general, easier it gets to purchase gear that ppl lack when fighting lvl 1rep0 Warden vs rep40 Warden dueling during Dominion Match.

Playing single character would only unlock new colour patterns and outfits etc. as mentioned.

With this change I wouldn't be scared to try out valk that I've never played dominion with because without gear (and skill) I can't really do much. Having this essential gear would at least bring me on par.