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12-03-2017, 06:11 PM
Hi, I quit for a few months and when I came back to poop on some people with warlord.... I wasn't happy to see that he got nerfed to the ground, i don't know which parts got nerfed I just know he got nerfed, does anybody know in what areas the warlord got nerfed?

12-03-2017, 06:15 PM
Some of them got rolled back so will copy and paste from two sets of notes

Counter Slash

Counter Slash damage increased to 30 (from 25).

Developer Comments: We wanted to give more incentive to use Full Block Stance for the Warlord. The damage output of a successful block after a full block stance was low compared to his parry follow up.


Dodge Right and Left recovery increased by 200ms.
Dodge Forward recoveries increased by 100ms.
Dodge Forward into Headbutt timing delayed to 300ms (from 100-200ms).

Developer Comments: Warlord’s dodge recoveries were too short for the character. We want him to rely more on his shield and sword to counter the opponent than dodging. By increasing the Dodge Forward recovery by 100ms we increased the window between Headbutt and Guard Break. This makes the mixup easier to react to and avoids nearly instant Headbutt.

Shield Counter

Shield Counter stamina drain reduced to 20 (from 40).
Shield Counter stops your stamina regen for 1.8 sec.
Shield Counter can be followed up by Heavy attack instead of Counter Slash.

Developer Comments: Even at full stamina getting parried into Shield Counter when attacking with a Heavy results in Out of Stamina state. It was too big of a punishment in this case. We reduced the stamina drain but added a 1.8 second regeneration cooldown like most of the stamina draining moves. We think Counter Slash didn’t bring anything more than free damage in some situation and nothing in the others. We think that being able to continue with a Heavy attack that can be chained or feinted will create more interesting opportunities.

Basic Attacks

Side Light attacks damage decreased to 12 (from 15).
Top Light attack damage increased to 17 (from 15).
Top Heavy attack damage decreased to 25 (from 30).
Side Heavy attacks damage decreased to 30 (from 35).


Side Light Finishers damage increased to 15 (from 12).
Top Light Finisher damage increased to 20 (from 12).
Side Heavy Finisher damage increased to 35 (from 30).

Developer Comments: We increased Finisher damage and decreased Basic damage. We want to reward Warlords who manage to land their chains. The exception is Top Light. It did the same damage as other Lights attacks while being a bit slower. We did a small adjustment to compensate. Overall we consider this adjustment to be a needed nerf to the Warlord.

Headbutt timing reverted to pre patch 1.13 values.
This means Dodge Forward into Headbutt timing now starts at 100ms again (was 300ms).
Dodge recovery duration shortened from 700ms to 600ms.
Light Side Attacks damage increased to 13 from 12.
Counter Stab damage increased to 12 from 10.

Developer Comments: The Headbutt and Dodge changes from our last update did not get the expected results. Those nerfs were too strong so we are reverting the Headbutt timing change and we are shortening the Dodge recovery by 100ms after increasing it by 200ms in our latest update. The damage buff on Side Lights and Counter Stab, while minimal, will help the Warlord kill enemies in critical state.

Also worth noting that you now cannot CGB in allblock stance which was a global allblock stance nerf.

12-03-2017, 06:18 PM
So my warlord is still OP with full gear in dominion besides the 3 dmg nerfs

12-03-2017, 06:30 PM
Warlord is still Op to hell which is hilarious since he got a BIG NERF and is still overpowered,
really shines a light on how high ubisoft get when they make characters.