View Full Version : My big problem with this game design

12-03-2017, 05:27 PM
Hello guys,
im not here to talk on what broken/need buff, since the forum full with thread like this.
im here to talk on something that make me wonder, what is going on?
its looks like for honor dev team are going up with insane creative hero /moveset, every season since the game comes out.
looks like when they was making the first line of heroes, they put basic moveset on them, and as the season comes out, they come up with heroes that has more and more complex moveset and options.
for example, player that playing with shaman/armusha/shinobi etc. have more tools then a player that playing with warlord, conq, kensei etc.
This is in my opinion is not good, and its hurt the core of the game, since assassins like shaman/glad/shinobi players for example, can do far more thing then zerker/pk players.
im trying to think why the dev team doing it, and what thry thinking on add more complex heroes, and put the old heroes under a hard times.
its feels like unbalance.
Shaman/armusha in the right hands can outplay every hero from the old lineup, and no matter how good you are with your warlord for example, a good "new hero" from every season can outplay you since they have more tools. More options, more moveset.
Just to inlight you guys on what im talking here, take a note that if you play zerker/orochi/pk and you want to feint heavy into gb, you most press heavy-press the feint key-and only then press the gb key.
And when you play shaman for example, the "new assassins", to feint a heavy into gb, all you need to do is press the gb key after you throw heavy.
its easy and safe. And most importent , its FAST.
and this thing going on on every season hero vs base hero lineup.
Anyone else think like me?
btw, sry for my english guys.