View Full Version : I cant ****ing play this game anymore

12-02-2017, 01:32 PM
I ****ing can't, today i lost all my matches , at least 20, i am serious, i have winning chanse 18%, but after this much pain i finnaly won a ****ing match, BUT GUESS ****ING WHAT< MY GAME ***ING FREEZ, IT din't freez the games i lost, BUT one ****ing vicotory and my game freez, UBisoft ur ****ing inapt's, Warframe devs patch theyr game every ****ing day, but you guys cant find the problem that make the game freez, here is a TIP for you guys, the freezing of the screen happens when you win, YOU should ****ing check if the Video that is at the end of the match make the issue, it can't load and freez the ****ing game, i am really mad right now, i am sorry for my language

12-02-2017, 02:20 PM
Yeah I got you, those freezing are really anoing. I don't know what they did but before the new contend update, didn't have so many problems. Now freezes every time, expecially when some match ends. Devs, don't post anything asking about my hardware and ****, because will take that as an excuse for not doing your job. Freezes apeared after the new content, so, yes, it's update problem. So take a deep review and fix it please.