View Full Version : Are cut-scenes pre-rendered?

12-02-2017, 06:20 AM
I'm just asking because they look dramatically better than the in game immediately afterwards (Xbox one X but standard 1080p normal dynamic range TV). It seems like they wouldn't be because they reflect the time of day that events are going on exactly, but the lighting and shading is substantially better in the cut scenes, even though they look "in game" without added DOF or obviously raytraced effects, and the models look in game, there are still intersections of cloth geo etc, SSAO etc.

Unfortunately I can't share a video of this because the combination of sharing video via Mixer and Assasins Creed results in an OS crash in under a minute for me currently.

For example, see any of the cut scenes to either side of the Memphis dream sequence, especially talking to the priest when he laments his bull and wife being sick, and when you talk to the priestesses at night time.

The in game shaders seem to have no specular or reflective qualities and the lighting has virtually no contrast (almost no lighting) and has much lower contrast, looks like the gamma has been raised. The cut scenes are well lit with contrast and shadows with lots of light rays, the shaders reflect and have rim lighting. The models do not appear to be different, nor the AA handling, this seems to only affect the shaders, lighting and volumetrics.

The difference is a bit like the artificial examples shown when TV manufacturors want to show the difference between OLED and LED or HDR and normal TV sets. Only no matter how you raised contrast in game you wouldn't get specular reflections that simply aren't there in the first place, or volumetric rays, or lights and shadows. It's like half the lights vanish along with the contrast and color.