View Full Version : the next steps to balance shaman

12-01-2017, 05:26 PM
the first small decrease in damage was a good first step to shaman. they are still the strongest dodge attacks out of all characters with little risk involved.

next adressed should be predators hunger/mercy. 400 ms is way to fast for such an easy and rewarding move. 600ms is more approprieate for a wallsplat reward.
predeators mercy should be even slower due to the high reward getting 40+ damage/hp regen/stamina regen should have a way bigger wind up animation similar to shugoki.

also her throw distance and guaranteed predators afterwards needs fixing. she is a small little girl and should not be able to achieve warlord like throwing distances + further increase the pushback with guaranteed predatrs hunger/mercy. cut her throwing distance in halv and make the predators hunger/mercy dodgeable after a throw.

And for a character that has auto-heal at will, access to Flesh Wound AND Second Win, she should not have the maximum assasin hp. with all those passive feats she is more tank like than some supposed to be tank characters. 100 hp is more than enough for her.

12-01-2017, 05:58 PM
I personally don’t see the issue with shaman. She is strong but is punished very easy, she’s very predictable. Just takes a little practice and patience to get used to fighting her