View Full Version : Armored Vehicles and Gilly Suits

12-01-2017, 04:39 PM
I've been playing GRW since the beta and there is one (or two) things that really bother me. First is that the armored vehicles do not seem to withstand more damage then any other vehicle in the game. Now I know there are real weapons that are designed to take down armored vehicles in real life but most of the time you use an armored vehicle in the game the enemies are only using standard weapons as they take down your favorite APC or Troop Transport. Does it annoy anyone else that it doesn't really matter what vehicle you use in raiding an enemy stronghold? Second, I have seen YouTube videos where people have experimented with both a gilly (spelling?) suit and no gilly suit in the same scenario and it didn't seem to matter either way. Does this also annoy anyone?