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12-01-2017, 04:48 AM
(I copied and pasted this from my reddit post)c So i'm one of the last 3 valk main in the world can you believe it. I also have over 70 rep score, and been playing since beta, so most of this is actual genuine dismay and opinions, and not a 5 second thought that i need to blurt out. I also watch every dev live stream so i know they care about the status of their game and people who play it so i hope they read all of this post, if not thats fine because i only said read the bottom. This rant will be about neglection and need "more" things, not a plead for a buff, i main her and win fights easily there's no need for a buff....yet.
Haven't been addressed since launch: She really hasn't gotten any attention since launch when they buffed her lights by 100ms. She has been included in patches with her all-block and sweep, but thats about it, and wasn't something just for her.
Move-set: She is one of the very few characters in the game who do not have a Heavy,Heavy combo, why? For a Hybrid you would think there would be one, and to top it off, she has to many Light attack chains. She's a hybrid and not an assassin, every combo has at least 2 light attacks, all of which of strung together so there's no mix-up of like, "Light,Heavy,Light" They are: Light,Light,Light Light,Light,Heavy Heavy,Light,Light She desperately needs a double heavy, or at least a Light,Heavy. Her moves are way to easy to read.
Emotes: They all look way to similar, especially her combat ones. Wish there were more unique ones, like the Warden has a slew of cool ones like 'Power Surge' and 'Polite Salute'. Valk really just has a bunch where she just puts her arms in the air or fall to the ground.
Executions: This mainly was only an issue because of the brief dismay of being the only hero (scheduled for that weeks content) that didn't receive their content, especially something as big as executions where we wait like bi-monthly for. So going away from the fact she got ****ed from this games biggest attraction piece for content (executions if you already didnt know) her current ones aren't all that great either. Obviously when they released, they were "cool" and "awesome" at the time. But looking back at them now, they seem underwhelming. As of right now, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE LATEST RELEASE OF EXECUTIONS, every hero either has an execution that fits their class or play style. Just quick examples would be Wardens shoulder bash execution, PeaceKeepers swiftness with her daggers in "Ole!" ans Shugokis brute strength in "The Mountain." Now i'm, not saying they are all good, people still have discord about Raider and maybe even conqueror, but for the most part every hero has at least one awesome execution. Valk on the other hand doesn't seem all that great. Not only is she 1 execution behind on the other Launch heroes, but all of hers arent too good. She really doesn't have executions that really fit her class or play style. She also doesn't have a "Long execution." I mainly say that in a sense she doesn't have a long duration executuion, such as the Warden's "A moment of Silence" or Lawbringers "Hands-On Approach" or "Oh Come on!" Her longest execution is "Get the Horns" but thats form day 1. And in my honest opinion, "Get the Horns" is her best execution, which is something to say since thats a Launch execution. As for her others, it's not as though they aren't good, but all her executions fell like they are there just to be there, nothing stands out within themselves, and pale compared to all the other heroes executions.
Conclusion: I just wish she got more attention overall. I do feel like of as now that they put her in the game, and practically left her alone this whole time. Again im not saying anything about buffs, but she really does need some love at this point. Im not going stop stop using her as a main whether any of this gets addressed, but she is a bland hero at this point.
DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ: Guys, i did notice what you did to her emotes, and i love you for it. I want to say it was right after the release of season 4 is when I saw it. You guys did do a re-work of her emotes and they are better. My 2 favorite are her "Nothing to see," it used to be just the clap of her shield and spear, but now you added the kick and looks smoother. The other is "Feels Good, Man," as opposed from last time where she slowly turned and and waved her arms, she now turns more quickly, and can be easily seen that she has more 'spirit' in doing it. Aside from the newer ones such as "Howl at the moon" her "Coin toss" and "Javelin throw", every emote got a re-work and looks smoother, your change did not go unnoticed. I do however still stand by what i said in this post of how her emotes still look to similar to one another and there really isn't "that emote," meaning she doesn't have a unique emote. Still love you guys for the change doe.

12-01-2017, 07:37 AM
i am also a Valkyrie main i love this post i completely agree i hope they do something

12-01-2017, 09:09 AM
I'd prefer they just polished up her actual gameplay, her emotes are meh but her executions are some of the best IMO.

12-01-2017, 11:57 PM
Val the Implaler was pretty good. Her emotes are pretty boring though, she seems like she doesn't have many either.

A lot of heroes have their own issues though, look at kensei ornaments, I had 13000 steel yesterday, I wanted to buy a Kensei ornament... They are all terrible. I'm still using the one with the white hair and horns, his second best one is the Season 3 winner ornament, even his effects are terrible. I wouldn't use any of them.