View Full Version : Check out my "Executioner" video?

11-30-2017, 06:07 AM

I couldn't find anything in the forum rules against posting montage videos, so I wanted to share this video I made with other people who play For Honor, and it'd be awesome if Ubisoft wanted to check it out too!

It's nothing overly spectacular, just a piece of work I wanted to share with you guys!

(Maybe get some views and likes? Possibly?)

Disclaimer: I play Peacekeeper... I know she has haters so please forgive me. She's my favorite character and that's just the way it is.

Anyway, this is actually a sequel video, but I didn't post the original "Executioner" video because it has some smack talking and bad language, probably too inappropriate for a direct link on here lol. But this one is pretty clean. Only one bad word is displayed, once at halfway through and once more at the very end.

Without farther ado! ...

Feather214: The Executioner 2