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11-30-2017, 12:20 AM
Basically, I have the worst trouble against Kenseis, Shugokis, and Valkyries. It doesn't really matter which character I'm using at the time (recently I've started using the Aramusha), but it consistently feels impossible to evade some of these attacks. I also have these issues when there are actual players or if they are level 2-3 bots. The funny thing is that I can actually handle a level 3 Shaman, and I have absolutely no clue why.

I know full well that pretty much the entire moves list on all three of these characters are reactable, but I get completely befuddled (lol) whenever I have to face these characters. Does anyone have any tips for me? I think I figured out why I have problems with Shugoki, but I'm lost on the other ones.

11-30-2017, 06:03 PM
A good kensei can throw out some pretty nasty feint-combos that, unless you're used to playing against him, can be pretty difficult to react to. Most of it is psychological. Shugoki tends to get people in the same way that Highlander does. A lot of people are used to being able to poke people out of slower attacks but these two have hyper armor that stops that. Shugoki, otherwise, is not particularly difficult to avoid but you can't usually trade against him.

Valk is just goofy. Fast attacks but ironically, everything can be dodged/countered/punished in some fashion.

Best tip? Play them a bit and see how they work. Sometimes, its best to learn your most difficult enemies from the other side first.

11-30-2017, 10:09 PM
Kensei reverses the direction he faces when he's attacking you, especially during his dodge attack. When he does his dodge attack, follow the orientation of his blade, not himself. For example he'll dodge to your right and he'll be facing you to the right, but his attack will come from the left. And vice-versa.
Also animation delays are incorporated into many of his moves, particularly his zone finisher, which also has hyperarmor and cannot be interrupted. By animation delays I mean he'll swing more than once and rotate the blade at extra angles before the actual attack. Add feinting game to all of that, you get one hella hard hero to deal with, if your opponent knows what he's doing. On top of that, he's got good reach, always assume he has Nobushi range, not Orochi range.

Valkyrie is primarily because you don't face them often (only a handful of players ever main Valkyrie) and you're not very used to what they do and how their mixups are. Plus they have fast pokes, shield bash, and leg sweep. Which, when combined, can effectively take the upper hand against an inexperienced opponent. On a side note, keep your guard stance to the left against a Valkyrie. Valkyrie's right-side light opener (which will come towards your left) is faster than guard stance switching on most heroes.

Practice on level 3 bots until they tone down from impossible headache to fair play is best advice I can give. Level 3 bots are way superior to human players; if you can destroy a level 3 bot, don't worry about human players anymore. Unless there's lag/latency. but with lag every hero can be a pain to deal with anyway.